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Inside Tomorrowland FW17 with Nordstrom Men’s Designer Buyer Dan Drewes

Our designer selection is the result of Nordstrom buyers exercising their fashion expertise and choosing items they like and think you will too. Here’s what men’s designer buyer Dan Drewes had to say about our fall and winter 2017 selection from Tomorrowland, the brand known for minimal Japanese basics.

—Andrew Matson

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In-House Basics

Tomorrowland is a well-known store in Japan. They focus on luxury designer brands. For their in-house line, they built an idea about beautiful, minimal basics and a different style of dressing.

Stripes & Knits

Vertical stripes are iconic for Tomorrowland—and knit paneling. We don’t see either from many other brands. Their pieces can be quirky but are actually easy to wear and mix into your wardrobe. Details like knit, striped sweater panels running up and down the front of a shirt are really unusual and representative of the Tomorrowland style.

Men's clothing from Tomorrowland.

Casual or Dressy

All the Tomorrowland product builds well on itself, making this a brand you can really buy into. It never feels too dressy and also never too casual. They’ll make trousers and jackets that you can wear as a suit, but they’re really unstructured, or wool pants with a drawstring that you can wear with a sneaker or an oxford—whichever direction you want to go. Everything’s comfortable, but you always look refined compared to the average guy.

—Dan Drewes