Introducing Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics: A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at What’s Good

You know how you’re always thinking it’d be nice to toss out all of those has-beens and wannabes and just get the best of the best so you can keep them forever? Because we understand your time is precious, Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics went ahead and rounded up the most enduring versions of iconic life essentials for you—like one-of-a-kind Filson bags, custom cut and threaded Woolrich blankets and storied Leica cameras, to name a few.


All images by Donovan Nguyen

Now all you need to do is take a gander at some of the ultra-exclusive goods, like this retro-rad baseball tee from CAMP Collection, in their natural habitat (aka: behind the scenes at our scenic photo shoot) and pick out your new favorite lifers.


Always say what you mean with menswear-inspired swag from DRESSHIRT.


Restored Filson bags—each one just as unique as you.


Coming very soon: gloriously shredded denim from Vale, our new friends from Down Under.


Chambray was meant for so much more than spiffy duds; case in point: these expertly crafted pillows by BasShu, warped and weft’ed in the traditional Banshu weave.


This could be you, all cozy in custom Woolrich, the best security blanket ever.




That #modellife.


The original Breton-stripe fisherman’s sweater by Saint James: classic unisex goodness.


If you’re going to make history, use a camera that’s seen a lot of it already; Leica is the real deal.

Find these and so much more at Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics, live now through November 1! Buy the best, keep it for life, look good while you’re at it.

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—Mona Lee & Donovan Nguyen