Inventory Editor-in-Chief Ryan Willms on Vancouver’s Aesthetic & Fall Fashion

Amid the white walls and clean lines of his office, Ryan Willms, editor-in-chief of the design magazine Inventory, cuts an equally crisp silhouette. His hair hangs in a sharp fringe just below his angular chin. His nose truly is aquiline. His selection of a white shirt and black pants might be austere if he weren’t so relaxed.

To celebrate the opening of our Vancouver store on September 18, we’ve been exploring the city through the eyes of its fashionable residents. Get a glimpse of what British Columbia’s big city looks like to Willms in the interview below.

Ryan Wiliams

Your job takes you all over the world. How does Vancouver stack up?

I always enjoy coming back to Vancouver. The air here is amazing. I try to appreciate these days. Being able to run the seawall or go to the mountains is certainly unique to the city. There are some interesting people and things happening in Vancouver, but you have to hunt them out on your own a little more than in bigger cities.

What three words would you use to describe Vancouver style?

Casual, comfortable, inoffensive.

Would you describe Vancouver as a menswear town?

I don’t know if I would describe anywhere as a menswear town, but I think that there are some great menswear stores in Vancouver and a growing community of people that are becoming engaged and interested in what they are wearing.

Ryan Williams in his office

What menswear trends are you loving right now, and what’s coming down the pike?

It’s hard to deny the strength of the ’90s in menswear these days, and fashion overall, but it is something I enjoy personally. I think playing with proportion more for the fall will be fun. Larger bottoms mixed with smaller tops, shorter and wider—that’s what I’m envisioning for the fall, myself.

What makes a good party in Vancouver?

I’m not a big partier myself, but I think we’re fortunate to have beautiful weather, so sunshine, a rooftop, good music and the right company sounds perfect.

If you had to pick one: black or white?

I don’t think I could choose just black or white, they are like yin and yang—you need to have both.

How would you describe the Inventory aesthetic?

The Inventory aesthetic is about values more than anything. Wearing items you believe in, either due to the design, the quality, the brand—all of these different elements make up a brand or a product, and I think it’s their consideration that defines the Inventory aesthetic.

What would you do with 24 hours in Vancouver?

I’d probably hop into Eddie Bauer, make a few calls, maybe shop at the mall and shoot a little ball.

Who is your favorite Vancouverite, living or dead?

[Writer and Inventory studio coordinator] Matthew Klassen.

Do you have a personal life motto?

Keep an open mind and never stop learning.


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