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Just Landed: Alexandre Birman Shoes

Like you, we love a good mood board. The chance to look over a designer’s shoulder and see what images guided his or her collection is bona fide ripple-effect gold. 

MOOD[2]From Alexandre Birman‘s pre-fall mood board, courtesy Alexandre Birman

So when new-to-Nordstrom footwear designer Alexandre Birman agreed to share his upon the launch of his new collection, we couldn’t help but be charmed—and want more. We followed up on his Olivia Palermo-dotted inspiration palette (above) with a Q and A about the season ahead and life in the high-style fast lane.

The Thread: What was on your mind as you began designing the pre-fall collection? 

Alexandre Birman: Life in the city, where we have the need to optimize our routines, and I wanted to offer a wide range of day-to-night shoes.

AB Portrait 1

Alexandre Birman

What kinds of things are on your mind in general this time of year?

I love being outdoors and in nature, especially to run and bike. It is a time when I can really focus on myself and my thoughts, and try to develop something new and unique for the new collections, and gather a lot of inspiration. I love to cook and eat organic and locally sourced ingredients and dishes. I appreciate the natural foods and their freshness, and is there anything more fresh than the spring season? At this time of the year, since the weather is so great, I love inviting friends to my place in the countryside for a barbecue cookout. We stay the entire day until sunset, which is the most beautiful view!

Which fashion icons—past, present, real or imagined—do you imagine wearing this collection? 

Since the collection was about being extremely wearable and versatile, my inspiration came from the real women that surround me. At the house or at the office, I am in awe to see how they handle everything with attention and extreme delicacy while running around! My wife in particular is always my biggest inspiration; I love watching her daily, taking care of our daughters or reading a book on a beautiful Sunday morning.


Alexandre Birman’s Georgia cage sandal in fabrication at his Brazil factory

Where do you imagine these real-world women will go in the collection?

I never think of specific locations; I think it is everywhere, every time! The world is getting more globalized, and I see my client traveling around the world. That is why in this collection, you can find comfortable flats for a stroll at night on Rio de Janeiro and beautiful cage stilettos for a perfect night in NYC!


As we learned during our visit with Birman during New York Fashion Week,
exotic leathers are the soul of his brand.

Ah yes, Brazil: your home base. What’s it like there now?

It is already warm! You can clearly see the vegetation changing, and the day gets darker later; it is amazing to enjoy the daylight with my children and wife.

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