Kara Handbag Designer Shares Her Favorite Spots in Tokyo for Tokyo Fashion Week

Paris and Milan have the history, London has the soul, New York has the energy—but when it comes to Fashion cities, Tokyo has … well, Tokyo has it all and then some. Perhaps lesser known, less hyped and less documented, Tokyo Fashion Week uses that in its favor too. There’s a sense of no-rules adventure, faraway intrigue and nothing-else-like-it style in Tokyo, and our SPACE team loves it there.

“Me after a long day at the onsen. Tough job, but someone’s got to do it.”
All images courtesy Kara designer Sarah Law

So does Kara handbag designer Sarah Law. While Olivia and Raul are there twice a year (including right about now) to check in with members of the venerated family of Comme des Garçons, Sarah travels to Tokyo whenever she can, and she was more than happy to share a few of her favorite spots with us—including the best (worst?) place to get your fortune told.

JBS (Jazz Blues and Soul)

“That’s JBS’s owner, Kobayashi-san, in front of his collection of over 11,000 records. He plays his own music all night and serves only one drink, whiskey and soda. (Which happens to come in a can.) So basically, my watering hole.”


Nezu Museum

“The Nezu Museum displays premodern Japanese and East Asian art. I particularly like the gardens around the main building. Highly recommended if you’re looking to escape Tokyo while in Tokyo.”


Tsukiji Fish Market

“So everyone recommends the fish market and I am too, because the fish is INSANE. But I do want to point out that you don’t have to get up at 5am like most people say. The food there is amazing ALL DAY.”


RounGe Nail Salon

“If you’re a nail fanatic like me, then you’ll know this recommendation is about as serious as a heart attack. I always make an appointment with Aya at RounGe when I’m in Tokyo. The rest of the time we are DMing each other ideas. These nails were inspired by L.A. biker culture and bandana prints.”


Sensō-ji Temple

“This is my Kau Cim fortune from Sensō-ji Temple. You ask a question, shake a container of numbered bamboo sticks, and once a number comes out, you find the answer on a sheet of paper with the correlating number. I’m not kidding, my question was ‘Is my current boyfriend a waste of time?'”


Benesse Art Museum and Hotel
Kagawa Prefecture
(Note: not in Tokyo)

“I was on a road trip driving from one side of Japan to the other when I discovered the Benesse Art Museum with a built-in hotel designed by the incredible architect Tadao Ando. Everything about this place is 10/10. I hope everyone in the world has a chance to see this place.”

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—Laura Cassidy