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To help you discover the best KBEAUTY routine for your individual needs, we consulted experts Christine Chang and Sarah Lee of Glow Recipe. First, here’s what they had to say about Korean beauty in general:

“Korean beauty is all about layering, learning and customizing to suit your skin care needs. The layering of targeted, skin type–optimized treatments is the cornerstone of KBEAUTY … and the ideal of glowing, radiant skin! And it’s not just about products—the application and enjoyment of uniquely sensorial textures are just as much a part of the Korean beauty routine as a great treatment.”

The basic routine:


Now here’s their advice, broken down by skin concerns including acne and oil, dryness and sensitivity, anti-aging care, and dullness.

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Acne and oily skin are often frustrating issues characterized by oily T-zones and clogged, uncomfortable complexions. The KBEAUTY approach to this is a holistic one, taking into account that acne can be triggered by improper cleansing and makeup removal, and oily skin can be triggered by harsh ingredients such as SLS or surfactants. Look for products that have clean ingredient lists and boast soothing extracts such as cactus, roots or egg. Incorporate biweekly at-home peeling sessions with gentle AHA- and BHA-based exfoliators to decongest pores, even out skin texture and prevent the formation of new acne. Sub in watery hydrators such as thin, gel-textured lotions and hydrating toners instead of heavy creams, so that skin is sufficiently hydrated and not overproducing oil to compensate for lack of moisture. Use a soothing sheet mask at least two times per week to top up skin’s hydration levels and soothe.

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drynessCharacterized by flakiness, tightness and irritation, dry and sensitive skin craves deeply penetrating layers of moisture and creams that lock in hydration and offer protection. Look for hydrators and cleansers that are free of excessive alcohol and are bolstered with moisture-locking hyaluronic acid. As often as possible, incorporate hydrating sheet masks enriched with collagen or soothing botanicals to flood skin with moisture. Afterward, seal the effects of the mask with a dense cream that includes ceramides and squalene, two natural moisturizing factors that heal and repair skin, leaving it feeling soft and calmed.

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Want to combat fine lines and wrinkles? Look for products full of antioxidants, skin-plumping hydrators like aloe and hyaluronic acid, and textures specifically formulated to firm and lift. Frequent masking (with sheet masks or wash-off hydrating masks) is key to the supple, bouncy appearance of youthful skin. Avoid harsh exfoliators with micro-beads and opt instead for natural salt and sugar scrubs to keep skin looking fresh. Using these treatments on the body provides additional blood-circulating benefits that help skin look healthy and bright. Try nourishing, plumping facial oils that can be massaged into the skin to promote circulation and collagen production based in antioxidant-rich extracts of camellia or cactus, along with a dense, comforting cream that will seal in firming hydration. Use a dedicated SPF treatment each morning to protect skin from photodamage.

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Dull skin lacks brightness, clarity and glow, and often is associated with clogged pores and uneven texture. Look for skin care formulated with clarifying extracts, and for dedicated AHA + BHA exfoliators that work to literally resurface and “unglue” dead surface cells. The radiance-boosting effect of exfoliation is unmatched by peeling swabs and treatments. Clogged, dull skin should be double cleansed thoroughly each night, focusing on trouble-prone areas and removing all traces of makeup. Treatments with potent antioxidant benefits can keep sebum from oxidizing in the pores while helping to nourish the skin. Avoid heavy, oily creams and treatments, opting instead for lightweight layers and sheet masks to plump the skin and reduce the appearance of pores. Oxygenating treatments and brightening ingredients such as niacinamide, licorice, peony and tea tree are key.

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Sarah Lee and Christine Chang of Glow Recipe leverage 20+ combined years in the Korean and U.S. beauty industries to bring the best-in-class Korean beauty trends Stateside. Discover secrets and trends with Glow Recipe at @glowrecipe or