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Kenneth Cole Spring 2014: Do You See What I See?

Kenneth Cole has been on a mission to reenergize his eponymous label since buying back, in 2012, the company he founded 30 years ago.

Exploring new ways to connect and engage with the digitally charged urbanites of the world, Cole modernizes the traditional static fashion presentation with a never-before-seen social media sensory experience.

Viewpoints, taken from the title of his spring/summer 2014 collection, reveals the details of each design through a compilation of 360-degree rich media taken from Vine to Twitter by the models featured in the presentation.

“Social media allows us to connect in unprecedented ways. Understanding our customer and being able to tailor our product based on the language they speak, from the city they are in, is very important to me,” says Cole, who presented a sporty, streetwise series of looks that included exotic snakeskin printed skirts, neon studded track pants and noir mesh tops.

“We’ve moved away from the static model presentation to a curated dynamic fashion experience. There are all these moving layers and images, which is so cool,” he says. “Your point of view of the collection depends on your points of view. My models are taking pictures with iPhones and we’re taking pictures of them, so you’ll get to see what they see as well as the visual perspective of the audience.”

Do you see what Kenneth Cole sees? #KCViewPoints #behindthefashion

Qianna Smith
Backstage photos by Fernando Colon | Presentation images courtesy of Kenneth Cole