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Life Styled | How to Do Two Easy Holiday Hairstyles (The Lazy Leia and Hippie Bardot)

We’ve baked. We’ve partied. We’ve shopped. We’ve traveled. By the time Christmas and New Year’s Eve actually roll around, we’re pretty exhausted from the preparations and functions that preempt the holidays. But that’s not going to stop us from trying our best to be picture ready.

How to Do Two Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Thanks to Hana Schaplow, a stylist at Seattle’s Coupe Rokei salon, we now have two easy, do-it-yourself hairstyles to take out with our party dresses. Hana gave the two looks pretty clever names based on the level of skill and time required to accomplish them, and the iconic ladies that inspired them. These soft styles are relaxed enough for any event but will definitely help put the trim on your festive look.

Hippie Bardot hairstyle

The Hippie Bardot
A simple half-up twist is the basis for this hairstyle.

Create a center part.
Apply some texturizing spray and push the hair up so that there is volume at the dome of your head.

Hippie Bardot hairstyle
Start at one side of your face with a strand. Twist this strand gently and then pin the hair at the back of the head. The pin should be firm but the hair can be loose.

Hippie Bardot hairstyle
Do the same to the other side. Also pin this side.
Then apply a soft layer of hair spray.

Hippie Bardot hal-up twist hairstyle
Add extra hairpins with some sparkle to complete the look. We chose by Tasha.

The Lazy Leia
It’s a loose braid bun on just one side of the head.

Apply a hair volumizer to your roots. Create soft shape around your face.

Lazy Leia hairstyle
Create a loose braid about an inch from the base of your head. Secure it at the ends with a band or pins.

Lazy Leia hairstyle
Pull the hair to one side of your head and twist it into a bun.

Lazy Leia hairstyle
Give it a light mist of hair spray and fix the pins so that they’re camouflaged by the hair.

Lazy Leia hairstyle with Alexis Bittar earrings

Add a dangly earring for an accent. Pictured here, Alexis Bittar’s Miss Havisham encrusted tassel drop earrings.

Hair by Hana Schaplow
Model, Anna Sutter
Copy by Britt Olson