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Listen Up! 5 Questions for Curtis Harding

Curtis Harding dropped his debut record, Soul Power, this week, but don’t think that means he’s new to the game. The Atlanta-based musician (who has also worked with Cee-Lo Green and OutKast) has been creating his own special blend of soul, R&B, rock, gospel and funk for years. He’s even coined a term for it: “slop ‘n’ soul.”

We asked Curtis a few quick questions about his brand-new release, the Jonny Look-directed video for his first single, “Keep On Shining,” and more.

THE THREAD: The video for Keep on Shining is equal parts throwback-cool and tongue-in-cheek hilarious. Can you relate to that feeling of having someone pulling your strings, like the puppet you play in the video?

CURTIS HARDING: Yes, and it was from-the-outside-looking-in hilarious—and also serious fun.

Give us some background on your first solo release, Soul Power. What’s the inspiration behind it?

My inspiration comes from my friends and family, mostly. The rest comes from the gods of music.

You’ve got side projects with members of Black Lips, and you recently toured with them too. Do you guys ever bust out some Night Sun songs while on tour?

Not really. We usually play Night Sun stuff when we’re hanging out at each other’s pads drinking or something. When we do play Night Sun out, we like to be on point as much as possible, so we try and get at least one or two rehearsals in.

What’s up for you this year? More touring to promote the record? And if so, where? Please say Seattle.

Def more shows, and Seattle is in the near future.

Is Atlanta as small and seemingly musically interconnected as it seems?

To me, it is. If you ask some other musician, he or she might say something different.

You, along with Burger Records label-mates The Garden, have both worked with Hedi Slimane, the creative director for Saint Laurent Paris. Was that a cool experience? Did you write the song just for the Saint Laurent Music Project, or was it something you had recorded previously?

The experience was cool for sure. And the song was written and recorded before the video was shot.

Soul Power is out now on Burger Records.

—Jenny Yule

Curtis Harding photo taken by Hedi Slimane, courtesy of Perfect Pitch PR.