Listen Up! DJ Sliink

‘Twas the season to indulge, friends, but now ‘tis the season to atone. Throughout the month of January, we’ll be bringing you all sorts of Wellness Realness—information and inspiration you can use to get out of lax mode and into good-for-you mode. Or, at least stop eating cookies for lunch and skipping your morning run.

Jersey Club is like a funny friend who is always doing the most at the venue–but that’s why you love them. With its anything-goes aesthetic of drums, bass and ridiculous vocal splicing, the musical genre is also perfect to propel you through those last ten minutes on the treadmill.

We spoke with Jersey Club king and worldwide ambassador DJ Sliink–he of the Brick Bandits and Cartel Music crews–about his musical philosophy, dancing in New Jersey versus anywhere else in the world and the happy accident of recording a vibrating Blackberry.

And he fully endorses the Thump documentary embedded below, so go ‘head and get your learn on.


People definitely tell me my music helps them in the gym. It’s the style of my music and the tempo, and the way I handle vocals. Somebody Tweeted me that yesterday. I go on Instagram and look at tagged stuff, and it’s someone in the gym or someone doing choreography. People do choreography to songs of mine I wouldn’t expect. Like the Missy Elliot “Work It” remix or my song with Brenmar, “Bait.” For people to want to do that, it puts a smile on my face.


In Jersey, they’re dancing pretty hard and fast in the club. It’s a workout. You’ll see people sweating crazy, dancing all night, battling people. People dance regular outside New Jersey. I deejay all around the world, and nobody dances how people dance in New Jersey. Other people don’t dance as fast.


Jersey Club is an offshoot of Baltimore club music. It’s built on breaks, crazy vocal chops, big bass, high BPM. Made for the club pretty much. Back in the day people weren’t mixing stuff together like we are now. We’ll take a gospel vocal melody, and if it sounds good, we’ll take a piece of it and make something else from that. It’s a no-boundaries thing. A big part of our production is if it feels good, do it.

Mainstream breakthrough

That’s the next step. And it’s looking good. The major labels are hitting us up to do official Jersey Club remixes. My favorite remix that I’ve done is the Trey Songz “Na Na” remix that came out on Atlantic Records. My favorite original production is “Vibrate,” where I used the vibration from a Blackberry, recorded on accident through a studio mic. And then my own voice, “Just vibrate, girl.” I was recording someone else actually. It was a small room and I accidentally recorded my phone noise. Then I heard it and was was like, “That’s dope.” I recorded that song right there in that second. It was an instant idea.

–Andrew Matson