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Listen Up! Elisa Ambrogio

Superstition can be a powerful motivator. Black cats, walking under ladders, knocking on wood, broken mirrors…these and other superstitions seem to cause seemingly logical people to do some seriously weird things.

Well, lump us in that category because since we started posting Halloween-ish videos at the beginning of the month, we’ve decided it would be bad luck if we didn’t continue down that path—at least until next Friday, anyway.

And while today’s pick reads a bit more Scary Movie than Scream, it’s still totally spellbinding, thanks to the charming Elisa Ambrogio.

The singer-songwriter, who also plays with Connecticut noise-rock band Magik Markers, adds a dose of silliness to the Naomi Yang–directed clip for the sweet, VU-esque track “Superstitious,” which boasts a litany of bordering-on-OCD things she’d do to preserve what we’re going to assume is a very special relationship. We also like the video’s subtle homage—via a photo—to another seminal ’60s band: MC5.

Ambrogio’s debut solo effort, The Immoralist, is out now on Drag City Records.

—Jenny Yule