Listen Up! Katie Gately

It’s the time of year when one is aurally bombarded by holiday tunes—whether you’re in a doctor’s waiting room or shopping at the market. Don’t get us wrong, we love those seasonal songs, from the classic to the contemporary, but sometimes we want to switch them off and switch things up.

This week we stumbled across exactly what we were looking for: “Pivot” from L.A.-based artist Katie Gately. The three-minute “song” (it’s actually an excerpt from a longer piece available on a split with Gately and Tlaotlon) is a sonic marvel—it’s lush and beautiful, but with a sufficient amount of experimental quirk that it truly stands apart. And, weirdly, it doesn’t seem like it would be that out of place in a holiday mix.

The video, from animator/designer/director Louis Morton, follows suit with painstakingly created visuals that evoke the same gorgeously layered vibe of Gately’s musical endeavor. The resulting combo is simply stunning.

Although a working sound designer for films, Gately only recently forayed into making her own music and has only a handful of other releases. We’re hoping she’s the prolific type.

Image via Fat Cat Records.

—Jenny Yule