Listen Up! Valentine’s Day

Whether you regard February 14 as a day to hand out candies and shower the object of your affection with, well…affection, or you think it’s a holiday dreamt up by the greeting card industry, it’s hard to avoid the plethora of heart-shaped EVERYTHING that’s prevalent this time of year. And since we don’t want to tip the scales in either direction (we’re trying to be diplomatic here), we thought for today, aka St. Valentine’s Day, we’d pick two songs—one for each end of the spectrum.

First up: Best Coast. Even though this song is a couple years old, it so perfectly evokes the giddy, I-never-want-this-to-end vibe that new love makes us feel we had to post it. Oh yeah, and there’s a cat at the end.

When you can’t make out the lyrics of a song, it can be hard to figure out the intent or message. LA-based electro dance duo Soft Metals use the video medium to let you know exactly what they mean with this glittery, kinda creepy clip for “No Turning Back.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jenny Yule