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London Fashion Week: The Four Things You Don’t Know You Need for Fall from SPACE Brand TOGA

We’re into TOGA designer Yasuko Furuta’s methodology: Chaos. It works for today, for the post-modern cut-and-paste life. If that describes the way you’re living, listen up. Furuta’s plans for Fall 2016 include some key pieces you couldn’t possibly have yet, because until right before the Tokyo-based designer’s Tuesday runway show, they hadn’t been invented.



1. Furry, strap-on arm warmers

One if it’s only sort of chilly, two if the weather demands it. Yasuko showed them with different styles of tops—one looked as right with a creamy office boss look as two did with the collection’s highly ruffled tees and long, ruffle-strip skirts.



Think of these arm pieces as a warm exclamation mark above and below other details around it. SPACE buyer Raul Becerra whispered to me right before the show that Yasuko is credited with the big, shiny buckle thing that’s been happening of late, and you might also mark her down for a leading the pack in new bag shapes.


3. Oven mitt-like glove pouches


To be completely honest with you, I’m not entirely sure what’s happening with these rock ’em, sock ’em accessories, I’m just sure they’re going to be mandatory and I look forward to getting back to you on it after we visit the showroom. Until then, I can tell you that everyone else in the room was on captivated, too; heads craned to get a better look when they walked the runway, phones fired like crazy. We’re lucky we didn’t break Instagram.


3. Structured metallic tops



Something like a faux-leather jacket answering back to an autumn sweater, they paired with ultra-chic menswear trousers to evoke a futuristic borrowed-from-the-boy-robots kinda vibe. Also: these tops are going to look really good with the silvery footwear styles you likely already are necessary.



4. Studded or silhouetted envelope-style belt bag



It’s a pocket, it’s a pouch; it’s got western-wear hardware or Picasso-esque patchwork. It’s slung slide ways or it hangs right in front—pretty sure it would look great in the back as a functional flap, too. While the fannypack continues to have it’s moment, we’ll be over here looking just a little different and extremely causal about it.




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—Laura Cassidy