Long Live Your New Tee from Pop-In@Nordstrom x Hanes

It’s cool, collectible and pretty much irreplaceable (at least once our Pop-In stock sells out), so keep it wearable for years to come with a few of these simple laundry tips.

Wash your tee in cold water on gentle cycle whenever possible. (Don’t feel bad if you have to use warmer water occasionally to knock out some stains. That temp spike is legit.)

Skip the dryer and use an indoor drying rack. Heat can cause fading, pilling, shrinking and even sleeve deformities.

Ironing T-shirts, like ironing sheets, is a personal call. (If you dry your tee on a rack, wrinkles should be minimal.) If you have to use an iron, turn the tee inside out and press the iron down, then lift up and press another spot. Moving the iron in circular motions tugs on the fabric, leaving your beloved tee possibly deformed.

Avoid dry-cleaning an embroidered tee—the harsh chemicals can damage the fibers. Instead, turn it inside out, throw it in a mesh laundry bag and wash on cool. Save your cash, save your shirt.

Living the good life means stains are bound to happen. Here are some handy household tips to rescue your tee from common spatters—even if you’re far from a washing machine.

You’re eating your favorite fried food and then—ugh—you’re wearing it. Zap fry grease fast with a good douse of white vinegar. (Many restaurants have some in the back if you’re nowhere near home.) The cheap, eco-friendly stain remover does require some soaking (and then extra rinsing to get out the smell), but it’ll blitz out oil, mildew and sweat—and soften and brighten your tees at the same time. Bonus!

The world is full of faulty pens. The next time one drips (or explodes) on your favorite tee, grab your nearest can of alcohol-based hairspray, put a paper towel under the stain and saturate to your heart’s content. The ink will travel to the surface so you can blot like a pro. If you don’t know someone with big hair, try a Tide to Go stick.

Hit by incoming tomato sauce? Quickly wet your shirt with cold water, then fish a lemon wedge out of your water glass and squirt the citrus juice directly on the stain. Blot gently with a damp napkin. (If your tee isn’t white, be sure to dilute the citric acid so it doesn’t bleach the fabric.) Once home, wash in the hottest water your tee label allows.

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