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Maje’s Judith Milgrom Designs for All the Women You Are

In the morning you’re Mom or Wifey or, usually, running late. In the afternoon you’re the boss—even if you’ve not quite risen to that status on the org chart. In the evening you might be a dinner companion or the cook or (a lucky) someone’s date. No matter the day, you’re never just one role. Which is why, most mornings, getting dressed is tricky.

Maje founder Judith Milgrom instinctively understands this. That’s why we’re thrilled to be carrying the Parisian label’s fall 2017 collection at Nordstrom. Trust us, playing all your parts will be so much easier when dressed in these contemporary, feminine styles.

A look from Maje Fall 2017

What do our customers, who may be unfamiliar with Maje, need to know about the label? What are your design principles?

Maje is a Parisian brand designed for women who live several lives in a single day. The Maje girl is passionate about fashion. She’s feminine, modern and a seductress who has an audacious approach to fashion and beauty. She does not take herself too seriously. She’s free and independent and can play different roles in the same day: mother, lover, businesswoman, sister.

My aim is to make women feel beautiful and confident by offering trendy collections with pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. The collections are urban, comfortable and simultaneously flattering to the silhouette.

We’ll also be carrying Sandro this season. Growing up, did you suspect you and your sister would both be designers? How do you help or encourage each other even now?

We’ve always been interested in fashion. We come from a family background where craftsmanship was very present and important. Now that we run our own businesses, we’re competitors but in a safe way. Evelyne [Chétrite] and I are best friends and cannot spend a day without calling each other many times. We’re very close.

A look from Maje Fall 2017

Tell us what Maje stands for, what the initials mean.

MAJE initials stand for: Moyal, my maiden name; Alain, my brother who helped me establish the foundation of the brand; Judith, my surname; and Evelyne, my sister. We can say that it’s a family affair.

Tell us about fall 2017. What should we know?

The starting point of the collection was the British countryside. Therefore, we played with checks and tartan on masculine suits and feminine separates and flower prints on ruffle dresses.  We used lots of leather, sometimes embellished with studs. There are lots of short and long party dresses that were inspired by the nightlife in Paris in the ’80s.

Your clothes are popular with professionals but also quite casual at times. How do you design for the modern woman?

I always keep in mind that our collections have to be comfortable, easy to wear and urban while still on trend. The shapes are always designed to flatter women’s bodies and proportions. The ultimate aim is that women feel beautiful, strong and confident when they’re dressed in Maje.

Do you have and dos and don’ts—any great style advice for women?

I think style is about balance and it requires knowing what suits you and what doesn’t, so that you can follow the trends that are right for you. Fashion is a game, and I hope that women play with fashion by staying true to who they are.

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