Manscoping: Heartbreaker + Heartwinner Horoscopes Courtesy the AstroTwins


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In the spirit of the shop, Pop-In favorites the AstroTwins, Tali and Ophira Edut, have applied a Heartbreakers filter to their astrology. Check out the horoscopes below to predict your life with any man based on his zodiac sign.

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Why He’ll Win Your Heart: Aries men don’t break the mold; they MAKE the mold. Self-discovery is the name of this action hero’s game, especially if it comes with an extreme challenge. A true original, Aries will leave you on the edge of your seat, waiting to be entertained by his next move. As the zodiac’s most self-authorized sign, he never stops growing, exploring and diving into fresh experiences. And he’ll encourage you to do the same, which is his truest gift. No, he won’t hover by your side 24/7 but if you follow his cue, you’ll flourish an individual and learn the true meaning of liberation.

Why He’ll Break Your Heart: Passion and a whole lot of patience are required if you want to be in a relationship with an Aries man. A fire sign, he burns brightly, then crashes, then reignites — and following those flames can be as exhausting as it is entertaining. Since Aries lives on the edge, his daredevil moves can give a partner heart-palpitations. (Pan to Aries Jackie Chan and Harry Houdini!) He expects the best and won’t commit unless he’s 100% certain that you can meet his long list of requirements. Since those include giving him a long leash and a lot of freedom to pursue his personal interests, only the confident will make the cut.

Why He’ll Win Your Heart: Traditional Taurus wants romance with all the trimmings. Like bulls David Beckham and Tim McGraw, he’s a family guy at heart and only invests in quality people who can stand the test of time. In certain categories, his tastes are quite refined, elegant even, as he’s ruled by decadent Venus. This is a man who appreciates beauty! But he’s also a meat-and-potatoes guy who is happy to boil certain aspects of life down to the ultimate basics. He can be a charmer too, and when he’s interested, he’ll pursue with the intensity of a bull charging at the matador’s cape. Make sure you’re in it for the long haul — no games, please! — because this steady Eddie doesn’t take kindly to being led on.

Why He’ll Break Your Heart: As persistent as the Taurus man is, he’s equally stubborn. If he has placed you in the friend category or somehow decided that you’re “not marriage material,” it could take decades to undo his thinking. He likes things done a certain way, custom-ordered in some cases. Flexibility is NOT his strong suit, so if you’re not willing to roll by The Gospel of Taurus, he’d rather move on than argue. Perhaps THIS is the real reason Taurus George Clooney took so long to surrender his bachelor status.

Why He’ll Win Your Heart: Here we have the classic Renaissance man. With his wide and varied interests, the Gemini guy can riff on just about any topic. And what he doesn’t understand, he’ll research at lightning speed, quickly becoming an expert. Variety is the spice of this intrepid dabbler’s life. To hold his interest, you have to be a little unpredictable, and never basic. Want to stay up all night talking? This silver-tongued fella has the gift of gab and will both wow you and woo you with his words. (It’s no surprise that a fleet of legendary rappers from Tupac to Kanye to Kenrick Lamar are all born under this star sign). Keep that messenger window open because he’ll be sending you witty lines, intriguing links and evening invites on the regular.

Why He’ll Break Your Heart: Fascinating as the Gemini man is to behold, he can be equally difficult to pin down. You have to be a bit of a moving target since he loves the chase — and yes, a little bit of game-playing too. This guy wants a lifelong playmate, that soul-twin who can share his adventurous discoveries and bring fresh ideas to the table too. That said, you might have to hang out in the friend zone for a nail-biting amount of time before he’s ready promote you to the role of his other half. Alas, the fires may die out during this period if he inevitably gets too distracted to stoke those embers.

Why He’ll Win Your Heart: Chicken soup for the soul, anyone? The Cancer man is a born caretaker and a sentimental soul. He likes to connect deeply and intimately but will only show his feelings once he knows you can be trusted. Some of the highest paying actors and comedians are Cancers — Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Robin Williams — as he needs to develop a “shell” to protect himself from the oft-cruel world. Paradoxically, he’s a homebody and a culture vulture. Here’s a guy who can cook a five-star dinner and find his way around a film festival (subtitles preferred). Family-oriented, he is fiercely protective of his innermost circle. You’ll feel safe with him!

Why He’ll Break Your Heart: The Cancer man can be a moody fellow, needing to withdraw into his man cave to process the deep swirl of feelings that flow through him. But his “disappearing acts” can be tough for those who love him, especially when he slips into a melancholy groove. It’s best to just leave him be in those moments because trying to be helpful can elicit a snap of the proverbial crab claw like a stinging comment or a harsh word. Understanding that he’ll need closeness and space in equal measure is essential to sharing a life with him.

Why He’ll Win Your Heart: Like a three-ring circus, the Leo man might just provide you with the greatest show on earth. If he’s not the straight-up entertainer type a la Leos Mick Jagger or Daniel Radcliffe, he’ll wow you with his charming authority and intellect like Barack Obama or Bill Clinton, both lions. Noble and magnanimous, he’s unflinchingly generous with the ones he loves; in fact, few things make him happier than giving gifts. Like an adorable, giant kid, he’s enchantingly playful and can turn the most mundane situation into a game. He’s a whiz at drumming up adventure dates, weekend field trips and other epic plans. Rest up! This energizer bunny can go nonstop from dusk ’til dawn!

Why He’ll Break Your Heart: Lock up the credit cards, hide the safe deposit key! The Leo man likes to live life to the fullest and that can get EXPENSIVE. (Hello, Leo Ben Affleck.) “No,” is not a word this royal is accustomed to so if your values around spending and saving clash, he might just close the emotion bank account. He’s the king so he needs someone eminent to share the throne. You’ll have to stay on your A game to be his other half. As much as he likes to be complimented, he also wants to brag about YOU.

Why He’ll Win Your Heart: If the Virgo man has a love language it’s definitely “acts of service.” This helpful, heroic guy is as supportive as they come. If he loves you, he’ll have your back — and maybe more than anyone ever has in your life! (Think of Virgos Andrew Lincoln and Jason Derulo.) He’s sharp, clever, and filled with useful facts. (Bring him to trivia night!) And while he loves schedules and structures, he’s happy to be spontaneous when it comes to his playtime. A culture-vulture, he’s up on music, art, the latest restaurants and can plan a date better than most. Family-oriented, he’s dutiful and even a little dad-like, but that sweet and protective energy is just part of his charm.

Why He’ll Break Your Heart: The Virgo is an analyzer — and a perfectionist. He likes things “just so,” and that extends to his relationship requirements. At times it can feel as if his standards are so high that you can never live up. And those “constructive critiques” can turn into nagging if you hand the reins to him completely. What’s hardest for the Virgo man, in truth, is to ask for support in return. So if he starts picking at you, read between the lines: Perhaps it’s time to return the generous attention he’s heaped upon you and pinch hit for him.

Why He’ll Win Your Heart: Cultured, composed and easy on the eyes, the Libra man is a beautiful sight to behold. (Picture Libras Zac Efron and He’s tapped into life’s finer details like art, music and gourmet food — and also appreciates the finer things in life. If he loves you, he’ll make you feel like the most gorgeous creature on earth. A born romantic, he’ll show up with flowers until you grow old together, dream up dinner dates and relaxing vacations. He’s a gentle soul, like peace-loving Libras John Lennon and Gandhi, and a deep thinker (and feeler). Lover’s quarrels or an aggressive attitude will send him running for the hills. Life should feel joyful and harmonious, where the Libra man is concerned.

Why He’ll Break Your Heart: The Libra dude is Romeo personified with a side of Cassanova. He’ll never stop flirting, winking, or wanting attention. And since he’s ruled by Venus — the planet of beauty — he can be a tad vain. If he doesn’t get his compliment quota, he might go seeking it from the general public. Peacock alert! The Libra man hates to be rushed so while he’s quick to pour on the charm and adoration, he can take ages to actually commit to a legit relationship. Waiting for him to deliberate and be “ready” can be an agonizing process. But once he’s in, he’s in — and every day will be a honeymoon with this romantic guy.

Why He’ll Win Your Heart: Dashing, debonair and dead sexy—the Scorpio man doesn’t just charm you; he gets into your blood. And that is part of his power and allure. Once you fall for his intoxicating charm, there’s no turning back. (Cue Scorpios Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Drake.) This guy plays for keeps so if he cast his attention your way, be certain that he is vetting you as a potential forever-after soulmate. The Scorpio man is powerfully magnetic and sharp as a tack. Though he’s likely to have a rockstar persona — right down to the black leather jacket and maybe the motorcycle — he does his best work behind the scenes, like Scorpio supergenius Bill Gates and producer Diddy.

Why He’ll Break Your Heart: This international man of mystery likes to keep people guessing, and that can get frustrating after a while. While he’ll quickly draw out all your secrets — he’s an amazing listener during an emotional crisis — his own can remain locked in the vault, making it hard to feel like you ever really know him. Underneath it all, he’s a deeply sensitive — and private — soul. If he trusts you enough to open up, treat that information as if it’s a sacred jewel. It’s also quite easy to get jealous since this charming seducer can be an unrepentant flirt who doesn’t mind “innocently” blurring lines here and there.

Why He’ll Win Your Heart: Oh the places you will go! Life is a magic carpet ride for the worldly, adventurous Sagittarius man. This astrological Aladdin wants to sweep you along for the ride — but you must share his independent spirit if you want to remain on that fantastic voyage. Choose your own adventure and be willing to join him on his at a moment’s notice. Spontaneity is his GPS! Philosophical and eternally curious, he’s a student of life. Sign up for classes and workshops with him in between global jaunts. Like jetsetting Sagittarius superdad Brad Pitt, he needs to feel like he’s constantly expanding in order to feel alive. Like Archer Jay Z he’s got the gift of gab and a killer sense of humor.

Why He’ll Break Your Heart: Boredom is the Sagittarius man’s worst nightmare, which might explain why he’s the zodiac’s legendary bachelor. It’s not that he won’t commit; but he’s unlikely to ever “settle down.” If you’re the traditional type, this guy probably won’t be your cup of tea. He can get caught up in the moment, forgetting everything else that exists on his calendar — and leaving his support crew waiting around in the dark. Trying to hustle him into a schedule or plan can be a trying quest. Since he loves talking to strangers you may feel like second fiddle to some random person he met on the subway or in a coffeeshop.

Why He’ll Win Your Heart: Accomplished, ambitious and adept—the Capricorn man will always impress. He’s a born leader and with his confident stance he naturally instills trust in others. And so, they hand him the reins. (Hello, Capricorn Jeff Bezos!) You will too because he has that “protect and provide” thing on lock; Capricorn is the sign of the father. Generous and noble, he is a traditional family guy. He plays the long game, investing in relationships that will stand the test of time, like legendary Capricorn David Bowie. But don’t try to rush him. He vets his partners with extreme care, ensuring that your visions and values align — and that your past “issues” won’t interfere with his future quests.

Why He’ll Break Your Heart: Jealousy alert! There’s a third party in every Capricorn man’s relationship: his career. Professional prestige is part of his soul purpose — and preventing him from pursuing it would be like giving Sampson a buzz cut. Since you can’t beat his workaholic ways, you might actually join in, acting as his COO on a business or helping him manage the details of his elaborate quests. Oh, and accompanying him to all those awards ceremonies too. (He’ll clean up.) Not willing to make the sacrifice? Look elsewhere because distracting him from his mission is basically impossible.

Why He’ll Win Your Heart: In the world of the Aquarius man, the weird is wonderful. If you’re the type who delights in the eccentric and extraordinary, this sci-fi guy is for you. On the surface, he might look like the bro-next-door: jeans, baseball cap, flannel shirt. But start chatting and you’ll quickly realize that he is the opposite of basic. This is a guy who can flow from basketball practice to the Beloved Festival without batting an eye. And he’s hilarious! Think: Aquarius comedian Chris Rock and class clown Ashton Kutcher. He’s a team player and a fierce individual rolled into one, a tough paradox to pull off. He’ll be your best friend and wacky adventure buddy; the dude to pull you out of a bad mood.

Why He’ll Break Your Heart: Naturally popular, the Aquarius man has never met a stranger — and he’s not about to give up his 1,001 friends just because he’s in a relationship with you. If you’re the possessive type, run in the opposite direction. (Social butterflies, on the other hand, will be thrilled.) As the sign of friendship, “one love” Aquarius could struggle to make his mate feel special in moments, even treating you like a buddy instead of his bae. To this guy, being best friends (with benefits, of course) is the ultimate expression of love. So if he BFFs you, try to realize that this actually means you have the leading edge.

Why He’ll Win Your Heart: Dive into the emotion ocean! You’ll find the Pisces man there as he’s already taken that plunge long ago. This man is a feeler, tapped in to his creativity, whether that plays out through musical gifts or an understanding of complex codes. A dreamer, his imagination is breathtaking—Michelangelo, Alexander McQueen, and yes, Justin Bieber—were born under this star sign. In any given moment, he’ll leave you in wonder and surprise. Life feels like a fairy tale when you’re with him; it’s hard not to get just a little bit addicted to the bliss bubble he creates. And while he’s not easy to catch in the net, once he’s in, like Pisces Adam Levine, he’s as caring as they come. Life can be pure poetry with this charmer.

Why He’ll Break Your Heart: While his sentiment is pure, the Pisces man can be a master of illusion. He knows how to create an aura of intensity, fantasy and romance in any given moment — but that doesn’t mean it’s a forever thing…or even that you’re the only one under his spell. Some Pisces men can get sucked under the wave of their own emotions and may be prone to dark and gloomy spells. During these moments, they may literally go MIA, a harsh 180 from their nurturing attention. Although he longs to bond deeply, the reality of relationships are harder for him to deal with since he needs a lot of quiet time to be alone with the muse.