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AG’s Mark Wiesmayr on Denim’s Cool Factor

Whether it’s dressed up or worn casually, denim’s effortless appeal can’t be denied. AG design director and surf enthusiast Mark Wiesmayr walks us through the brand’s spring 2014 collection and, in the process, bares the infinite possibilities of this durable and ever-evolving fabric.


AG ‘Stilt’ Cigarette Leg Stretch Jeans in White

On why denim has a universal cool factor: “It’s a ubiquitous fabric. It was made as workwear originally, so it never pretends to be too formal, and after wearing it throughout the last 160 years, we accept indigo as being a part of the monochrome family. It’s wearable with anything. Effortless is how so many of us want to appear, and that is part of denim’s cool factor. The way denim can be treated and given so many different finishes is also a part of being able to express our own individuality, without being too far out from the crowd.”

Our top styles for spring include: The Stilt’ Cigarette Leg Jeans (Nine Years Evolved) &
‘Farrah’ High Rise Skinny Jeans (Brooks)

On what he loves most about denim material: “Its wear, its color and its hue will change as it becomes more worn—fading and becoming enhanced with hi-lo patterns that real denim lovers appreciate. This means that jeans are part of our wardrobe for longer. Denim has been so iconic for the last 60 years that as we now look to wear it, we can make it a statement: of ’60s tapered, ’70s boho, ’80s acid and stonewash, ’90s grunge rock along with the modernist 21st-century finishes with coatings, super-skinnies and slim legs. It is singularly the largest fabric category, along with the cotton T-shirt, and yet the fabric diversity of denim is still being experimented with.”

AG ‘The Tomboy’ Relaxed Straight Leg Jeans (Six Year Compass)
AG Denim Leggings (Shell)

On AG’s unique cuts and fits: “We focus purely on making the best jeans in the world. We start with fabric from only the best denim mills in Japan, Italy and the U.S. If the fabric isn’t great, we know it won’t last or hold its shape with repeated wear. It must feel comfortable with a distinct softness to the hand. We love beautiful fabrics, and we have a team dedicated solely to developing and testing new fabrics for wash, wear, performance and longevity. We have over 30 quality control checks throughout the manufacturing and washing of our jeans. We make the majority of our jeans in Los Angeles at our own factory with the best team of passionate jeans-makers in the world.”

On the inspiration for the spring collection, which explores “elements of flight and weightlessness”: “The elements that inspired the spring collection came from my desire to take us away from the cold of autumn and toward the feeling of freshness that comes with the change of air, as warmth creeps back in and gives us a freedom in color and style that we want to express throughout the collection.”

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