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Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2014

Printmaker Mary Katrantzou examines the fascination and fetish that women have for shoes in her spring/summer 2014 collection.

The Greek designer hones in on her hyperrealist aesthetic by breaking down the shoe and then blowing it apart.

Mary’s mission for spring ’14? To discover “the nature of the shoes themselves [to] determine the identity of the garments.” According to show notes, “Brogues suggest a section of highly polished daywear in structured shapes; sneakers are spliced to create sleek sportswear; evening mules are fantasias of embellishment, cocoons of luxurious texture and vibrant print.”

Sporty shoes quicken the pace of the collection and reveal a form-fitting cut that’s engineered to define and accentuate the female form.

French embroidery house Maison Lesage collaborates with the London-based print mastermind for a second time, allowing her to draw inspiration from their archives, which, of course, are then distorted and amplified.

Dive into the details of Mary’s technical exploration of print.

Qianna Smith
Photos courtesy of Mary Katrantzou