Meet a Nordstrom Wedding Stylist

We asked Downtown Seattle Nordstrom Wedding Stylist Erin Marshall to tell us how she helps our customers’ wedding-style visions come to life.

So, what does a Nordstrom Wedding Stylist do?

I take care of all elements of style for any and all members of the wedding party, creating head-to-toe looks that coordinate with the bride’s vision and style for her big day.

I seriously have a girl’s dream job. I got married a year and a half ago, and can admit that I am a little obsessed with weddings. And clothes. So it all works out pretty well.

How should brides prepare for their first styling appointment?

Other than providing me with general information about their wedding day, size and style preferences, I recommend that brides browse before their first appointment. This gives them an idea of the styles we offer, and allows me to pull dresses similar to ones that sparked their interest online and have them ready when they come in.

What are some current wedding style trends?

Right now, the major colors I am seeing in bridal parties are tones of grey and purple. These were both popular for summer and are transitioning into fall as well. Another trend is chunky jewelry, like bib necklaces and thick, tiered necklaces, and bangles or several bracelets worn together.

Also, the short wedding dress is making a comeback. Brides are wearing them as a reception dress, or for destination weddings. I am recommending it for rehearsal dinners as well—because you will probably never be able to wear white two nights in a row again.

What do you think brides can get from a Nordstrom Wedding Stylist service that they can’t find anywhere else?

Brides can find everything under one roof with a Nordstrom Wedding Stylist. I recently had a bride ask me, “What else can you do? I am thinking that you can save me a lot of time and cut out a lot of stress….” So we ordered her bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid shoes, shoes for her, accessories for her and gifts for her bridesmaids. Later, she had her first cosmetics consultation, which I also set up for her.

We also have the ability to cater to each individual bride’s needs. I meet some brides two months before their weddings, and others two years ahead. I can order wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses within a few days of a wedding, which is unusual in the wedding business. If a bride has more time before her wedding, we can style her for other wedding-related events, like her showers, rehearsal dinner and bachelorette party.

What do you find surprises brides the most about Nordstrom’s wedding services?

Brides are absolutely delighted by both our selection of wedding and bridesmaid dresses and the reasonable prices that accompany them. They are also surprised by how much fun and how easy shopping for a wedding can be. I often tell a bride that her wedding will be one of her most joyous days, and so should the time she spends shopping for it!

Make an appointment with a Nordstrom Wedding Stylist by calling 1-888-300-1295 or via Live Chat.