Meet Charlotte Tilbury Project Confidence Winner Vanessa and See Her New Look

Admittedly, we have mornings when we look in the mirror or in the closet and wish that someone would just appear to do our makeup or choose our clothes. Many days we’ve tried to summon a fairy godmother with superior taste, a way with concealer and a knack for outfit coordination to tell us that we’ve been doing it all wrong, there’s an easier way and here it is.

Maybe someone like celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.

Charlotte Tilbury

Tilbury is one of those magnetic personalities who attracts women as extraordinary as herself. She’s a makeup consultant to the likes of Kate Moss, Amal Clooney, Cara Delevingne and many glamorous others. Her upbringing included a stint on Ibiza with her bohemian parents followed by professional work with major beauty brands as a consultant and artist. A proponent of the transformative power of cosmetics, Tilbury likes to say, “Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world.” All of that plus her bubbly British accent make her our top pick for that role of fairy godmother and style savior.

For one lucky lady, Tilbury played just that. Meet Project Confidence winner and lovely mother of two young children Vanessa Benke.

Charlotte Tilbury Project Confidence; BTS Behind the Scenes

A health care account manager, wife and mother, Vanessa is like so many whose days are short on time but long on commitments. As she plainly put it, “Why do I want to win a makeover? Probably because I’m exhausted, a mom of two and work full time.” Many of us can empathize that when other people are our priorities, it’s easy to let ourselves slip away, especially when it comes to our appearance. Somehow, though, amid these demands on her schedule, Vanessa managed to lose almost 70 pounds. Wow. That definitely warrants a makeover.

New York City

As our Project Confidence contest winner, Vanessa and her husband were flown from their home in San Antonio, Texas, to New York. There, Vanessa met Charlotte and received a beauty confidence boost from the makeup guru plus a new Nordstrom outfit, before heading out on the town with her hubby.

Vanessa Benke, Project Confidence

Project Confidence is Charlotte Tilbury’s recurring series in which she explores the power of makeup with women. It’s a chance for her to show how her techniques can be applied by non-pros in an everyday setting. For Vanessa, Charlotte addressed her primary personal concerns with five easy tips and tricks.

Charlotte Tilbury Project Confidence; BTS Behind the Scenes

Vanessa relayed that she had been concentrating on her complexion but feeling at a loss on how to confront aging. “I’ve been on a really good skin care regimen, but I’m not so great at the techniques I’ve seen on Pinterest to help cover wrinkles or do some contouring or shadowing.” Sounds like there’s a Charlotte Tilbury lesson there.

Charlotte Tilbury Project Confidence; BTS Behind the Scenes

The first step: hydrate. Charlotte believes that moisturizing will not only make your skin feel better, but it will improve your mood. She used her Goddess Skin Clay Mask and Magic Cream on Vanessa.

Charlotte Tilbury Project Confidence; BTS Behind the Scenes

Play to your strengths. If you like your lip shape, enhance them. If you like your eye color, bring it out. Pick the look you want from one of Tilbury’s Look Sets and go for it.

Charlotte Tilbury Project Confidence; BTS Behind the Scenes

Emphasize your eyes. You’ll stand out with full, thick lashes—Tilbury used her Full Fat Lashes mascara on Vanessa. Use an eyelash curler; it’s like a push-up bra for your eyes.

Charlotte Tilbury Project Confidence

Engage all your senses. We think most often of how we look, but scent is a powerful tool. Apply a little on your forearms and on the small of your back to make an entrance and an exit. Vanessa got to try Scent of a Dream.

Charlotte Tilbury Project Confidence

Most of all, have fun with it. Don’t worry so much about breaking the rules. If you like something, go for it. You’re in control.

Project Confidence Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Project Confidence; BTS Behind the Scenes

With some new tricks up her sleeve, applications she can take home and a fresh face, Vanessa is ready for a night out in New York with her husband.

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—Britt Olson