Melinda Maria: Bring the Bling for New Year’s Eve


Jeweler Melinda Maria recently made an appearance at our Seattle flagship store, where she showed us how to instantly glam up for New Year’s Eve.

“I love chandelier earrings for the holidays,” says the L.A.-based accessories designer on her must-have statement piece. “The Melinda Maria girl is wearing her hair pulled back from her face, a low-slung ponytail that’s so chic or just a super-sleek bun. Then, add on a big pair of chandelier sparkling earrings and, of course, tons of stable rings that personalize the entire look.”

Stackin’ Style: Melinda Maria ‘Nicole’ Cocktail Ring, ‘Odette’ Pod Stackable Rings (Set of 3) &
‘Palmer’ Pod Stackable Rings (Set of 3)

So what’s the stone of the season? “I’m having a lot of fun creating one-of-a-kind of druse pieces,” says Melinda. “I love druse especially for special occasions. It’s still a semiprecious stone, and to me, it looks like there’s diamonds sparkling on top of the stone.”

Dazzle in Druse Stones: ‘Beckett’ Cocktail Ring, ‘Julian’ Pendant Necklace &
Melinda Maria ‘Muse’ Cuff

Bring on the bling this New Year’s Eve in Melinda Maria.

Qianna Smith
Photos by Jeff Powell