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Men’s Designer Hats for Fall 2016

Men's Designer Hats

If you’re at all inclined to wear a hat, fall is a good time to move to heavier fabrics: wool, knits, heavy cotton blends.

And if you’ve never worn a designer hat, visit one of our stores to give it a try. The details and feel of designer hats (all designer items, really) are best experienced in person—and certain designer brands and styles are sold only in selected stores. Call or stop by to see what’s available.

For a taste of what we carry at the intersection of designer brands and cold-weather hats, here’s a 360 view of styles by Gucci and Givenchy.

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Gucci wide-brim hat

The ideal way to wear this wide-brim hat by Gucci, made out of bordeaux felt, is like it’s no big deal. Although it would look amazing dressed up with a camel suit, it would look even more amazing with vintage Levi’s and a denim jacket, with a long, fitted button-up shirt hanging out of the jacket, and these green suede Clarks Wallabees.

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Gucci houndstooth cap with ear flaps

Gucci again—this time, wool with a houndstooth pattern, ear flaps that don’t make you look like a snow-bro, hand-braided tassels and pompoms. As far as winterized classics go, this is extremely elegant. Suggested pairings: rugged boots and tapered pants—perhaps these wool cargos by Moncler.

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Givenchy grey felt logo ball cap

The weight of this Givenchy snapback is what you first notice when you hold it. It’s heavy. Then you notice the floppiness of the bill, which can hold a shape but is far from rigid. Relaxed but weighty, that’s what this hat is about.

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Givenchy black canvas ball cap

Same hat but in a lined heavyweight polyamide/cotton blend, with a little polyurethane in it. It looks like hard wool but feels semi-slick. This is a low-key hat but also a luxurious choice. Just a guess, but it’s probably what Bruce Wayne would wear to a baseball game.

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—Andrew Matson