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Men’s Style Trends with Kelly Oubre, Jr.

If you followed @nordstrommen during New York Fashion Week: Men’s, you know pro basketball player Kelly Oubre, Jr., took over our Insta story for a day. Sitting front row at several shows, he seemed to have the time of his life.

As a company we approach NYFW:M from a business standpoint, looking at future collections and making selections for our stores. But if you’re a fashion enthusiast, Oubre made it clear that it’s also just fun to be there.

Check our brief Q&A below where Oubre basically breaks down how to dress like him. Which you might want to consider at least in part: he’s got great style.

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What are some trends or fashion areas that you’re currently invested in or paying close attention to? 

Cropped pants showing socks, with shirts I can tuck in or oversized graphic vintage tees, and some nice shoes and accessories complementing my outfits. No preference on the cultural background of the designer or where they get their inspiration from, because I feel as if I can make whatever look phenomenal. I will say though that many Japanese designers have a jiujitsu, taekwondo, monk vibe that I’m feeling. Not the biggest fan of the baggy look, but the way they’re making their clothes flow with different looks and sizes is very intriguing.  Ripped, biker, leather jeans. Joggers with the stripe or designs on the side.

What’s appealing about all that stuff to you?

It just fits me. I love being different so the common man won’t understand me. But I’ll forever be me so it forces people to respect my style, and not judge my intellect, and intelligence. Never judge a book by its cover.

Location: The Four Seasons Hotel Downtown

Makeup artist: Phoebe Goulding

Photographer: Tory Rust