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Men’s Trends to Watch from Nordstrom Buying Director Jorge Valls

As gentlemen continue to venture further into the fashion avant-garde, styles shift from commercially driven monotonous dress shirts and trousers to artistic self-expression with an almost-anything-goes flair—that’s almost anything.

Nordstrom Men’s Buying Director Jorge Valls knows there is a lot to be excited about in men’s fashion. Beyond New York Fashion Week trends—which he predicts will be centered around ’90s street style and fine tailoring—Valls has his sights set on the grand opening of Nordstrom’s standalone New York men’s store this spring, for which he curated a diverse collection of the most exciting names in menswear.

In an interview for the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), which appears in “Words with Fashion Friends,” Valls shares which shows excite him most this season and hints at what’s in store for the highly anticipated Nordstrom Manhattan flagship store just before men’s week gets going in New York!

Nordstrom Men’s Buying Director, Jorge Valls

How would you describe the state of menswear fashion at this moment? 

The old rules of men’s fashion are no longer relevant. Men are willing to take risks with color and proportion play. Now more than ever, men can express their individuality in how they dress.

What sets American menswear apart from the British, Italian and French collections? 

American fashion typically comes from a more utilitarian and casual point of view, which can make it a little more approachable and understandable than its European counterparts.

In your view, what are the key trends for Fall 2018?

The biggest trend is the continuation of ’90s streetwear seen everywhere in Milan and Paris, but there is also an undercurrent of more refined tailoring that feels timely and refreshing and looked incredible at Off-White. I personally loved the sophisticated western detailing at Dries. 

Generally, what do you look for in a men’s show?

The shows complete the designer’s vision for the season. The music, the mood, the pace, all reinforce how they want the clothes to make you feel.

What have been some of your all-time favorite fashion shows and why?

The Dries show at the Palais Garnier. Breathtaking venue and extravagant clothes. We were seated backstage when the curtains opened, revealing the empty opera house. There was an audible gasp from all of us and then the most beautiful clothes paraded in front of us. Truly memorable.

What shows are you excited to see this NYFW: Men’s?

Raf, Raf, Raf! He brings gravitas and innovation to NYFWM.

We can’t wait for Nordstrom’s upcoming men’s store on West 57th Street. What should we be looking forward to the most?

So many incredible ideas in one store, but the most important one is the diversity of product we offer in terms of style and price. Customers can get their favorite items from their favorite brands and also be surprised at what else they find.

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