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Met Gala Beauty: Karolína Kurková, Kylie Jenner and Stella Maxwell with Charlotte Tilbury


While it helps to work with some of the loveliest faces in the land, Charlotte Tilbury and her team repeatedly find new ways to accentuate and complement celebrity glamor at every red carpet event. Even if we’re not going to be wearing a gown anytime soon, we love learning how Team Tilbury accomplishes such stunning makeup.

Here are three more beauties from the Met Gala and how to achieve their glowing good looks. Whether you’re in jeans or a gown, when you give face like that, who cares what you’re wearing?

Karolina Kurkova Met Gala 2016 Makeup with Charlotte Tilbury. Get the look.

Karolína Kurková

Model and actress Karolína Kurková hit the red carpet wearing the full force of Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup magic, in an IBM Watson x Marchesa gown that brought to life the Manus x Machina theme with tweet-reactive technology that changed colors based on the tones and emotions found within the reaction of the live social media response to the dress: joy, passion, excitement, encouragement and curiosity set the dress a-glowing!

To complement the cognitive gown that thinks for itself, global artist to the stars, and pioneer of her own beauty technology makeup revolution, Charlotte Tilbury, created a naturally glowing, gilded makeup look with pretty-petal lips, that was reminiscent of a ‘modern day, techno Marie Antoinette.’

When asked about the look, Tilbury said, “I didn’t want to put Karolína in a statement lip or eye to compete with the gown, so instead I created a dreamy ethereal look that plays with the lights in her dress. It straddles two worlds–the ethereal, and the futuristic. The Light Flex technology in my formulas, the fluorescent core of the skincare, and candle-lit highlights complement Karolína’s mesmerizing features, and ensure she lights up the red carpet!” Tilbury shares the steps to create Karolína’s red carpet look:

1. Charlotte prepped Karolína’s skin by applying her CEW award-winning goddess skin clay mask. In 10 minutes, this transforms tired skin, to flawless poreless baby skin!

2. Next Charlotte drenched Karolina’s complexion with her best-selling magic cream–it creates the perfect canvas for makeup, followed by wonderglow to create a flawless soft focus finish. Wonderglow contains a Fluorescent Core Light Diffuser that steals UV light from its surroundings and re-emits it as skin luminosity to transform dull, sleep-deprived skin. Next, she applied magic foundation in shades 6 & shade 7 with the magic complexion brush to give Karolína a flawless, poreless complexion. The foundation formula closes pores after application and doesn’t budge on the red carpet.

3. Charlotte used her mini miracle eye and in Shade 2 underneath the eyes to bounce the light under her eyes to cheat 8 hours of sleep, and then applied the retoucher concealer in 1 Fair & 2 Fair where needed. Charlotte lightly dusted air brush flawless finish micro-powder in 1 Fair & 2 Medium to mattify the skin and create a red carpet-ready complexion.

4. Next, Charlotte used brow lift in Grace K and legendary brows in Grace K & Brooke S (available in June 2016) to perfect the brows and frame Karolína’s mesmerizing green eyes.

5. For the dreamy bronzed eye look, Charlotte applied her cream shadow, eyes to mesmerise, in Jean & Marie Antoinette on the lids and blended upwards and underneath the waterline. She then applied colour chameleon eyeshadow pencil in Dark Pearl–which adds sparkle and contrasts Karolína’s green eyes–through the lash line and flicked out on each eye. Charlotte used her new mascara, Charlotte Tilbury legendary lashes (available later this month), on top lashes only to create lots of lashes for a Bambi-eyed flutter. To finish the look, Charlotte applied full fat lashes mascara to lower lashes for a sophisticated, red carpet look.

6. To add unbeatable highlight and subtle contour, Charlotte used her red carpet staple, filmstar bronze & glow in light-medium, with the powder & sculpt brush to highlight and sculpt Karolína’s beautiful face shape.

7. Charlotte applied Charlotte Tilbury cheek to chic blusher in love glow with her blusher brush across Karolína’s cheekbones for a luminous, fresh pink glow.

8. To complete the look, Charlotte prepped Karolína’s lip with lip magic and then lined Karolína’s lips with lip cheat lip liner in pillowtalk. Charlotte followed with a mixture of matte revolution lipstick in sexy Sienna and hot lips lipstick in Kidman’s kiss (available in July 2016).


Kylie Jenner Met Gala 2016 Makeup with Charlotte Tilbury. Get the look.

Kylie Jenner

For Kylie Jenner’s first appearance on the Met Gala Red Carpet, she opted for a show-stopping, structured metallic Balmain gown, complemented by a soft burnished, bronzy makeup eye look created by Ariel Tejada for Charlotte Tilbury Beauty. Tejada shares the key steps he took to create Kylie’s red carpet look:

1. To start, he prepped skin with a mixture of magic cream and supermodel body to create that gorgeous glow that plays with the light. Next, he applied the retoucher concealer in 3 & 4 where needed and set the skin with a light dusting of air brush flawless finish micro-powder.

2. To create a subtle contour and dreamy highlight, he used the red carpet contour kit, filmstar bronze & glow in light-medium in light-medium, and created a healthy, happy glow with cheek to chic blusher in love is the drug.

3. To create a unique veil of color on the eyes, Tejada combined shades from the vintage vamp luxury palette and the dolce vita luxury palette. Starting with a mixture of the “pop” shades from both, Tejada applied all over the eyelids to create a strong base. Next, he used the “enhance” shade from the vintage vamp through the crease to create a rosy-tone, and soften the look with the “enhance” shade from the dolce vita. Lastly, he took the smoke shade from the vintage vamp to create a winged eyeshadow look and to rim the lower lash line. He finished with full fat lashes.

4. Tejada applied the “enhance” shade from the luxury palette in the sophisticate, to create a base on the eyelids, and used the “base” shade on the inner corners of the eyes to create a mesmerizing, wide-awake eye. Next, he blended the shadows along the lash line to add depth and lined the lower lash waterline with rock ‘n’ kohl eye cheat to brighten her eyes. He finished with one gold stud on the corner of her eye and full fat lashes to the bottom lashes.

5. To complete the look, Tejada opted for a nude lip by applying lip cheat lip liner in iconic nude followed by Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in Penelope pink.

Stella Maxwell Met Gala 2016 Makeup with Charlotte Tilbury. Get the look.

Stella Maxwell

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Stella Maxwell enchanted everyone on the red carpet wearing a bespoke Topshop gown paired with a bronzed, beautiful makeup look. To complement the gown, makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez created a mesmerizing golden, smokey eye look with a modern, cool nude lip to ensure all eyes were on Stella as she rocked the red carpet.

1. Carolina prepped Stella’s skin with magic cream and magic eye rescue to create the perfect canvas for makeup. She followed with wonderglow to create a flawless soft focus finish that redirects the light to more flattering angles of the face, before applying light wonder foundation in 4 medium to give Stella’s skin a luminous, dewy finish.

2. Carolina used Charlotte’s mini miracle eye wand in shade 3 underneath the eyes to reflect the darkness that naturally gathers there and instantly makes you look refreshed and wider eyed.

3. Next, Carolina dusted air brush flawless finish micro-powder in 2 medium across Stella’s T-zone to give that red carpet ready HD finish. It’s so smooth, you’ll never look dusty only airbrushed and flawless!

4. Next, Carolina used brow lift in Grace K to fill in Stella’s brows, and frame her hypnotizing eyes.

5. For the burnished bronze eye look, Carolina applied the “prime” and “enhance” shades from the luxury palette in the uptown girl and the vintage vamp across lids and carried it under the waterline to intensify her gaze.

6. Carolina then used the Colour Chameleon in Golden Quartz to line the upper lash line, and followed with colour chameleon eyeshadow pencil in champagne diamonds in the inner corners of each eye to brighten and enhance the natural eye color sparkle of Stella’s blue eyes.

7. Lastly, Carolina applied full fat lashes mascara to upper and lower lashes for a wide-eyed flutter.

8. For killer cheekbones, Carolina used the filmstar bronze & glow in light-medium, with the powder & sculpt brush to highlight and sculpt Stella’s face.

9. Carolina then applied beach stick in moon beach onto Stella’s cheekbones to add a dreamy luminosity and make her cheekbones pop! It’s all about playing with the light.

10. Carolina then applied matte revolution lipstick in very Victoria to create Stella’s nude lip.

11. To complete the full look, Carolina applied the amazing supermodel body to arms and décolletage. It gives limbs that enviable glimmer that elongates and contours.

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