Coco Rocha on Sweatpants, Kanye West and Her Hometown of Vancouver | Model Moment

In honor of our big store opening in Vancouver next month (September 18—mark your calendars!) we’ll be bringing you a slew of Vancouver content here on The Thread between now and then. First up, an interview with our Vancouver campaign cover girl: supermodel, mom and muse to many, Coco Rocha. Without further ado …


Personal life motto:
The most important words of advice to me have always been: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.” I think treating everyone with the utmost respect is vital to a healthy view of self and others.

What three words would you use to describe Vancouver style?
Modern, eclectic, fresh.

24 hours in Vancouver with no plans—what would you do?
Start the day with a run around Stanley Park, have coffee on Robson Street and then lunch with friends in Steveston getting fish and chips. Take an afternoon nap on the beach at Spanish Banks and then a night out in Yaletown.


What do you miss most about Vancouver when you’re not there?
Definitely my friends. There are an amazing group of girls I grew up with, in school and in dance, that I still keep in touch with to this day. Every time I come back we get together for a huge dinner.

As a new mom, what kinds of clothes are you loving most right now?
For me my style is still the same. Even when I was pregnant, I still tried to keep my own personal style. I don’t understand when women think you have to give up being you to become a mother. Mom jeans are not part of the job description! Granted, I do have to wash my clothes far more often thanks to Ioni’s little spit-ups, but you’ll still see me in stilettos and a cocktail dress pushing her around the city in her stroller.

Pro sweatpants or against?
One of my all-time favorite Karl Lagerfeld quotes (and there are so many) is, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” While I also don’t agree with sweatpants as streetwear, I’m all about a comfy Netflix night on my couch in the biggest, oldest pair of sweatpants I own. Sometimes you gotta just lose control!

Baby clothes. Discuss!
Obsessed! I love baby clothes that are mini-people outfits. I’m not a big fan of making your child look like a creepy porcelain doll. Some well-meaning family gave me these frilly pink and purple dresses for Ioni, but you’re more likely to see her in jeans, a tuxedo shirt and a little head bow.

You’ve been mentioned in a Kanye West song. Anyone else you wish would write a song about you?
It doesn’t get much better than having Kanye name-drop you! I think the only person I’d rather hear sing about me is Barbra Streisand. That would be both amazing and ridiculous. Can we make that happen?