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One Model’s Token of Love for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we asked model Victoria Anderson to dish about what she’s planning to give her beau on Cupid’s most cuddly day of the year.

It’s the first New York Fashion Week season for Victoria, who is signed with Wilhelmina. The North Carolina-born beauty moved to the Big Apple just 2 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. We spotted the runway rookie backstage at Rebecca Minkoff doing a little knitting and immediately had to get the scoop about her artsy craft.

The Thread: Are you a designer-in-training?
Victoria Anderson: I knit and crochet as a hobby. It keeps me relaxed at shows and it’s a great way to keep myself occupied in between castings and fittings. I taught myself how to do it about a year ago, watching how-to videos on YouTube.

What are you working on?
Victoria: I am actually making a scarf for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. It’s so cold right now that I think it will be the perfect gift. I just hope I finish it in time!

Any special Valentine date night plans?
Victoria: I love to cook, so I’ll probably make a special dinner for him.  I’m really into baking and making pies. I do my own homemade crust—it’s so yummy.

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–Qianna Smith