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Moi Time: A Chat with Miss Piggy, kate spade new york’s Latest “Miss Adventure”

There are few idols from our youth with whom we’re still enamored. Most childhood stars dwindle once adulthood arrives, when our seasoned tastes and collected experience reveal chinks in the gilded armor of celebrity. But Miss Piggy is one for whom our regard has only grown as we’ve grown up.

Frankly, she’s a badass. The professional actress, spokes-pig, karate enthusiast and fashion plate holds her own amid a colorful cast of mostly male Muppets. She is outspoken, brash when circumstances call for it, genteel when the situation is otherwise. Her flair for fashion and her unapologetic femininity and ambition are characteristics that plant her firmly in the modern era, even though she has been in the public eye for four decades.

Miss Piggy.

All this makes her the perfect star for kate spade new york’s latest “Miss Adventure.” We spoke with Miss Piggy about the new collection of accessories, for which she was the muse, her co-star, Zosia Mamet, and how she manages to do it all while including time for romantic entanglements.

First things first. How is your love life? Are you seeing anyone green?

 Moi’s love life is fantastique! As for “anyone green,” I can’t imagine what you’re talking about. Oh, you mean, “him” … Well, we’re still friends and colleagues, but for now, I’m done with “A for Amphibians” and I’m working my way through the rest of the alphabet. To put it succinctly, I’m not just seeing anyone … I’m seeing everyone.

Zosia Mamet and Miss Piggy in kate spade new york coats.

How was working with Zosia Mamet on set?

Oh, I adore Zosia! She’s so much fun. You know, I kept calling her Zsa Zsa, because I thought that was her name. She kept trying to correct me, but I thought she was sneezing. Hah! The fun we have on set! Or maybe you had to be there.

In any case, I’ve adored Zosia in everything she’s done—especially kate spade new york’s “Miss Adventure” seriesShe’s one of the reasons I wanted to be part of this, to share the screen with her—and see if both of us could snag some major golden hardware this awards season. Zosia is the consummate professional, but she’s also willing to have fun and be silly and annoy the director—just like moi! I adore her.

What other projects are you working on currently?

I have several feature, television and book projects in the works, but I’m not at liberty to discuss them yet. This is my favorite part of working—where someone else is doing all the work, and I just get to sit around, do lunch and look fabulous. Diva-dom has its rewards.

When you look back on your career, of what are you most proud? Any regrets?

I am proud of everything. I regret nothing … except maybe that one Day-Glo spandex outfit where I’ve got the big hair and a headband. I’m still not sure what I was thinking that day.

But the very best part of my career is that it’s just getting started. Even with all my starring roles and successes, I’m still the adorable young ingénue everyone loves. And I plan on being that for a long, long time to come.

Do you have a piece of advice for young women? 

Avoid Day-Glo spandex, big hair and headbands. In that order.

I also believe every young woman needs to know that though you may have to struggle and strive to achieve your dreams, you can have oodles of fun along the way. Be curious. Be daring. Be different. Be yourself. And, if that doesn’t work, be moi!

And how do you “do it all”?

Just between us, I have an enormous staff who does a lot of it for me. As I’ve often said: “Anything worth doing is worth having someone do it for you.”

My other secret to “doing it all” is to always be positive. Be confident and keep reaching for what it is you want. Ask anyone: I never let the naysayers get to me. I remember who they are and I take care of them later.

Zosia Mamet, Leandra Medine and Miss Piggy, for kate spade new york.

Do you have a favorite item from the newest kate spade new york collection? Anything you can’t leave the house without?

Oh, everything in the collection is fabulous, but if I have to choose, I’d say that all of the pieces with moi on them are my favorite! If it’s got anything to do with moi, I don’t leave the house without it.

How would you describe your personal style? 

I’m a diva fashionista with attitude. I want my clothes to speak for me and I want them to say: “Hey, look, it’s moi!” That’s what I adore about this kate spade new york collection; it allows me so many opportunities to express myself, to customize my look and to be absolutely unique! And vous can do it, too … even if you’re not a diva!

Thank you for speaking with us. We’re big fans!

And moi is a big fan of yours! See you around the store! Oh, and if you see me going into a dressing room, would you mind getting me this outfit in a few more colors and sizes? Thanks! Kissy, kissy!

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