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Watch This: Moschino’s Top-Secret Spring Capsule Collection (Coming Really, Really Soon)

UPDATE! The Moschino spring ’16 runway show is happening right now!
Moschino spring 2016 capsule runway video.

If you’re anything like us, patience isn’t your strongest suit. Luckily, Moschino and Jeremy Scott know exactly how to satiate our thirst for instant fashion gratification. For the third season in a row, a limited-edition collection will be made available for purchase straight off the Fashion Week runway—the only catch? All details are sealed and on lockdown until the imminent September 27 release date.


Remember these guys from the fall ’15 capsule? Yeah, you do.

Per what’s become their usual M.O., Moschino has released a little teaser video. See if you might have a clue as to what this season’s theme might be…

Stay on high alert for the big reveal because if the last two capsule launches were any indication, these pieces never last long. So remember September 27 to be the first to get your mitts on the latest Moschino goods—and let’s be real, a little waiting game only heightens the anticipation, right?

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