Your Beauty Questions with François Nars

We asked you for your burning beauty questions, and we got answers from the NARS Creative Director and founder, François Nars. Still have more questions? Meet François Nars when he appears in store during his new book tour for Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself.

Q: What’s the best way to update my look for spring and summer?
A: Experiment with bright hues and lighter textures. I love the way bold colors pop against bronzed skin.

Q: How can I touchup and go from a pretty and appropriate look for the office to something a little more dramatic for evening?
A: Try Cap Ferrat Trio Eyeshadow. It’s subtle but sexy and gives a season’s worth of eye looks for summer. The blue will completely transform you. Or, apply a bright red lip shade! It’s easy and can dramatically change your look.

Q: I need help with blending eyeshadow so I can create a subtly shaded look. Are there certain brush techniques and tools I need to use to achieve a perfectly blended eyeshadow look?
A: Always start with ‘Pro Prime’ Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base – it provides foolproof wear and blendability. Start with your light color all over. A medium color would be put in the contour and the darker color could be added over the medium, in the outer corner as a sideways “V” and along the lash line.

Q: I love your makeup! I also love your concept of lipstick in the form of a crayon.
A: I wanted to create something that was easy to use and easy to apply, with a matte texture. I thought the pencil format was innovative and easy to travel with. The key was to obtain a formula that did not dry out lips but still offered that matte look.

Q: I love NARS!! How can I make my eurasian eyes look bigger?
A: You want Eurasian eyes to look more round – that’s the affect that makes them look “bigger.” When you line your eyes, start from the inner corner and line the entire eye from inside corner to outside corner. You don’t want a cat eye, because it will widen the eye, but by lining the entire eye you create a round shape. Light color all over, medium color blended halfway up and a dark color near the lash line. Use a black eyeliner inside the eye – top and bottom – as well as outside the lashline. Curl your lashes and use a few coats of mascara. It will really open your eyes.

Q: I love NARS’ blush color “Deep Throat.” What inspires the cheeky color names?
A: I find a lot of inspiration in pop culture – cinema, music, art – and in travel. And, I thought it would be fun to give shades an identity. Makeup should not be taken seriously… it should be fun!

Q: How do I make my makeup do the mind blowing transformations that J. Lo’s does?
A: Sculpting! Contouring and highlighting can change the shape of the face entirely. If you study your face, look at the features you want to stand out, and “highlight” them. The features that you want to retract, you sculpt with bronzer.

Q: When is the tinted moisturizer coming out???
A: It is coming out in Spring 2012. I’m excited to be launching them!

Q: What top three shades of lipgloss would you recommend for the summer?
A: Wonder Lip Gloss is great because it’s a quintessential tangerine hue. Triple X Lip Gloss is always one of my favorite glosses to use – alone, or on top of a lipstick. And, finally, Easy Lover. It’s a bright pop of pink that is perfect for summer.

Q: How do you prevent under-eye concealer from creasing?
A: A good primer! Once you have applied the primer of your choice, apply concealer with a concealer brush for a blended affect and then set it with loose powder. It will stay put all day.

Q: What are your top three beauty tips of all time?
A: There are no rules to makeup – just have fun and play with color and texture. You can always take it off if you don’t like it.

Meet François Nars at Nordstrom Topanga on Saturday, May 14 or at Nordstrom Michigan Avenue on May 21.

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