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The ethereal looks in Maria Cornejo’s Spring 2017 collection evoke romanticism with a sophisticated simplicity well suited to the modern woman. It’s often said that Cornejo makes clothes that showcase the individual. Her design ethos is instantly recognizable, yet it never overpowers. It’s always the woman that shines.

Zero Maria Cornejo Spring 2017
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This season’s graceful silhouettes are a case in point. Working predominantly in white, Cornejo’s lineup of fluid looks, shown on barefoot models, feels unfettered and luminous—and the makeup is perfectly in tune.

Zero Maria Cornejo Spring 2017

Created by Dick Page, lead artist for Shiseido, the makeup celebrates natural beauty, with an emphasis on gorgeous, blushing cheeks. The key to nailing the look yourself lies in where and how you apply your blush.

How to get Shiseido’s natural glowing look:

1. The look begins with Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation SPF 20 to create a dewy and fresh complexion.

2. Next, color is applied to the cheeks. Instead of actual blush, Page uses lip tint to achieve a sheer, radiant effect. In place of his professional palette, try Shiseido Rouge Rouge lipstick.

Shiseido Lip Color
All Backstage Photos: Lauren Stocker

Page smudges lipstick on the back of his hand and applies the color with a round-tipped brush. Notice how he places the color at the ball of the cheek, which he locates by asking the model to smile. For a sun-kissed appearance, he also adds a touch of color at the tip of the nose and above the brow.

Makeup tips for a natural-looking blush.

3. Brows are brushed and groomed following their natural line, with a touch of pencil only if it’s required to fill in any blank spots.
Shiseido at Zero Maria Cornejo Spring RTW 2017

4. The look is complete with Shiseido Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara in Black.

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