Our Six Favorite New York Fashion Week Moments from the Spring ’16 Shows

Hear that? It’s the sound of a legion of editors and bloggers stuffing shoes into designer luggage and tucking eye cream into carry-on bags. That’s right: It’s time for New York Fashion Week again. The shows begin February 10; let’s prepare by way of review. (Of course, since spring collections are arriving every day now, you can also review and prepare by shopping!)

Marc Jacobs photo: Jessa Carter for The Thread

1. Givenchy relocated—really. Riccardo Tisci packed up his spring collection and brought it from Paris to New York, where he teamed up with artist Marina Abramović to produce an emotional, spiritual preamble to the lingerie-as-everyday collection. There was another sort of reconfiguration in the mix: Tisci arranged to give away hundreds of free seats to the public.


Givenchy photo: InDigital Images

2. Opening Ceremony went for theater. What looked like a model tripping and falling was actually a cue for the dance party to begin. Gasps of empathy turned to awe and appreciation, and the runway became a stage. It was totally brilliant—and a great way to show how the clothes really moved.

Opening Ceremony photo: InDigital Images

3. Phillip Lim celebrated his tenth anniversary by playing in the dirt. Like Tisci, Lim collaborated with a favorite artist—his is Maya Lin—to go outside the realm of fashion and convey a broader message, signaled by giant mounds of earth dotting the runway. In partnering with one of the world’s most environmentally aware sculptors as well as two similarly minded nonprofits, Lim helped raise awareness for organic and mindful architecture and landscape practices.

Phillip Lim photo: Jessa Carter for The Thread

4. Alexander Wang celebrated his anniversary with pole dancers, gothic street wear and social change. The cult favorite’s charity of choice was, and his message was a retrospective—but the overall vibe was a perfect circle. He’s back where he started: Making waves, making icons, making things like pajama pants and leather bra tops seem like natural outfit mates.


Alexander Wang photo: InDigital Images

5. Stylist Kate Lanphear called for the end of the whole borrowed-from-the-guys thing at the Public School show. “I think a lot of times people think about the romantic couple—that whole boyfriend jean thing—but really with Public School, my approach is thinking about the girl who just hangs out with the guys,” Lanphear told us backstage when we asked her about working with Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne’s covetable collection. Own your look, ladies. And you too, gentlemen. The binary gender code continues to crumble…

Public School image: Jessa Carter for The Thread

6. Marc Jacobs put on the ritz. As we mentioned in our post-show wrap-up, Marc Jacobs has wrapped up NYFW with a show at the Armory for pretty much as long as most people can remember, so a change in venue to the historic Ziegfeld Theatre was a signal that something pretty cool was going down. Jacobs mixed ’40s-era femininity with grunge—one of his specialities, of course—for an update on plaid prep and everyday glam. Oh, and he served popcorn, too.

Marc Jacobs photo: Jessa Carter for The Thread

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—Laura Cassidy