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New York Fashion Week: Alexander Wang Uses His Words

Alexander Wang‘s back to just one job this season—his own—and all of fashion was waiting for a powerful, personal statement. And on Saturday night at Saint Bartholomew’s gilded and ornate church, they got it.


The statement was both overt and, well … fuzzy. An overall ’90s vibe pervaded, and sweaters, caps, leggings and more were blasted with key words—proclamations? Acknowledgments? Testimony?


While it would have been sort of impossible and likely unnecessary to quantify the individual verbiage, what stood out to me were the words “strict” and “tender.” “Girls” appeared, too—along with marijuana leaf patterns and more—but somehow that seemingly oppositional pair fit best.

Of course, Wang is no stranger to statement pieces. In fact, I’m coming to see him as something of a wordsmith. His front row squad—Kylie Jenner, Tyga, Zoe Kravitz, Natasha Poly—has all carried those terms for him in the past, and the fall collection is perfectly situated to enter their wardrobes, too.


The show will be a hard one for most of us to get out of our minds—the stately church and the irreverent looks, the code of his vocabulary, and the incredible pull of mohair club tanks, hypnotic stripes and killer ankle boots. 

Oh, and the soundtrack. It was by Baauer, the Portuguese/Jewish DJ from Philly, and it was on. 




Whatever Wang meant or didn’t mean with his words-as-wardrobe choices, these clothes speak volumes to cool girls and the street-chic elite. That much, at least, is a straight-forward read.

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—Laura Cassidy