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Uncompromising Style with Actor and Singer Taye Diggs

He’s known as an incredibly versatile actor, but Taye Diggs can also sing with the best of the stars on Broadway, which is probably why he’s so busy—he’s just too dang talented. He told us when you’re constantly booked, you don’t have time to shop at a bunch of different stores. Makes sense. We’re honored to be his one-stop destination.

What do you love about the Nordstrom “one-of-a-kind” Anniversary Sale? Why is it a great time to shop?

Well, I just like to shop, period. Right now, it’s the changing seasons. So, loading up on all the fall stuff is exciting.

Growing up in New York, were you aware of Nordstrom? When did we enter your consciousness?

Growing up in New York I wasn’t aware of Nordstrom. I was when I started visiting L.A. The more busy I became, the more of a fan I became of one-stop shopping—which is where Nordstrom comes into play. I’m very grateful because you’ve got all the hottest stuff so I don’t have to compromise quality for a trend. And you can always get a good sale.

Considering your own personal style, what’s an article of clothing that’s essential for summertime?

You know what? Summer sneakers for me. Summer sneakers and ankle socks. Because you want that sockless look without stinking up your kicks.

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