Pop-In: 4U Brite Lites Gift City Is Open!


It’s here! Pop-In: 4U Brite Lites_Gift City, the latest in our series of themed Pop-In Shops, is open and ready for you to explore—both online and in selected stores. Just in time for the season of giving, the new shop’s theme is all about finding the ultimate gift.

We asked Olivia Kim—our director of creative projects and mastermind behind Pop-In: 4U—to give us a little background on the shop:

Venessa Arizaga: ‘Nutcracker’ Necklace | ‘Sugar Plum’ Necklace

The Thread: Tell us about the inspiration behind the latest Pop-In Shop.

Olivia: Everyone has access to everything at the same time because of the Internet, and yet they all want something special to give. To take a bit of that stress away, we curated a collection of unique presents for every friend or family member—or even to inspire a gift for someone you hadn’t thought of, because you saw something in the shop and thought: That would be oh-so-perfect for [X]. We wanted to offer gifts that no one knew existed and then showcase them in a simply designed space, to make shopping for holiday and Christmas gifts easy, and with no distractions from the mission to find the perfect present. It’s a brilliant assortment of eclectic gifts, displayed in a uniformly simple way—like rainbow sprinkles on a vanilla cake.

BOMBER X Keith Haring Skis

The Thread: What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

Olivia: I think the best gifts are the ones that are really meaningful and show that you know/care/adore/love that person. My best friend, Jen, always gives me my favorite gifts—like amazing, cute stickers and the best art books.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves | Bun B’s Rap Coloring & Activity Book | PIQ Ear Poms Headphones

The Thread: And what’s a gift you would love to give someone?

Olivia: I’d love to give someone a trip to outer space. That would be my ultimate dream.

Check out all the rainbow sprinkles that Olivia’s found for your holiday gift-giving needs at Pop-In: 4U Brite Lites_Gift City. And even though we don’t have trips to outer space available (yet!), we are featuring the sporty FIAT 500 and 500C in selected stores. Watch Olivia take it for a test drive, and then go take it for a spin yourself!

—Jenny Yule