Give a Little More with Pop-In: 4U


Knowing you’ve gotten someone the perfect present is an awesome feeling, but it’s even better when the gift you’ve given carries a little extra meaning. Nestled within the eclectic array of super-cool stuff in our Brite Lites Gift City Pop-In Shop are items that help those in need.

Bamboula Ltd. Sisal (at right and left) and Straw (center) Bowls

You hear a lot about fair trade nowadays (which is a good thing!), but Bamboula Ltd. has been practicing this principle since its inception in 1989. Owner and founder Jasperdean Kobes purchases the beautifully handmade items at fair market prices that ensure a living wage for artisans and their families in African countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

RxArt: Pizza Slice Ornament | Whatever Ornament | Unisex Cat Tee

Hospitals can be stressful and sometimes scary, especially for kids. Non-profit RxArt aims to ease that anxiety for patients and their families by providing comforting, engaging, site-specific installations at pediatric hospitals in cities nationwide, featuring contemporary artists like Jeff Koons, Ryan McGinley and Nate Lowman—who created some irreverent ornaments for the shop.

LSTN Troubadours Headphones

Named for the legendary L.A. club, the super-stylish Troubadours headphones from fledgling company LSTN are designed with reclaimed zebrawood casings for an organic aesthetic to go along with their rich, warm sound. Plus, for every pair purchased, LSTN donates a portion of profits to Starkey Hearing Foundation, which travels the globe helping those suffering from hearing loss.

To see just how great giving back can feel, watch this heartwarming video from LSTN, which recently traveled with Starkey Hearing Foundation to Peru to personally experience the fulfillment of helping others in need.

—Jenny Yule