Listen Up! New Year’s Eve Jams

DJing seems like the easiest job in the world, right? You stand there, sipping free drinks and playing songs you love, while a constantly grooving crowd clamors for the next deep cut.

Ahhh, no. It might seem that way from paparazzi pics of socialites spinning, but DJing is hard work. Picking the right songs at the right time and mixing them without skipping a beat—literally—to keep the masses engaged and on the dance floor takes a special kind of intuition and understanding of music that we fully respect. And it’s out of that respect—and the impending holiday—that we’ve selected a few of our favorite songs to shake it to.

Let’s start by taking things back, oh, about 17 years, and drop it low with this ultra-smooth ’90s New Jack Swing selection.

This major homage to the King of Pop definitely made Justin Timberlake a solo star, rather than just the dude from ‘N Sync who dated Britney Spears.

Mellow things out a little with this awesome disco-tinged track from German artist Roosevelt. It’s even got a little bass solo at the end, in case you want to bust a special move.

The sentiment might be a little sad (forget about him, Robyn—we’ll dance with you!), but this is one song we can’t help jumping up and down to, whether we’re at a house party with friends or on a packed dance floor.

Whatever you chose to include in your mix, have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!

—Jenny Yule