Nordstrom, #NSale, Drones and a Gigantic Instagram Post

gigantic-instagram-install-nordstromMaking the dream a reality on the roof of Store 1.

Ever wondered what a 15-story-tall Instagram post would look like? Wonder no more—today we built a gigantic 3D Instagram installation on the roof of our flagship store as part of our celebration of all things #NSale.

Using a 55-foot re-creation of a Leith leopard-print body-con dress (meow) on sale during Anniversary Sale and an actual 25-foot-long hanger built by Nordstrom’s visual team, this massive feat of ‘Gramming came together piece by piece for all the world to see. How, you ask? We shared live updates on all of our social channels and had drones capturing the whole thing for your entertainment, so check back here later this afternoon for a time-lapse like no other.

gigantic-instagram-model-nordstromWhen all is said and done—minds having been blown and hashtags having been hashed—Nordstrom will repurpose all the materials used in the installation by donating everything to Goodwill, which plans to turn the giant dress into more than 1,000 shopping bags for their clientele. We wouldn’t want all that gorgeous leopard print to go to waste.