Norwegian Jewelry Designer Mona Jensen of Tom Wood Let Us Inside Her Modern, Minimal Dream Home in Norway

As most design enthusiasts will tell you, Scandinavians are known for a certain elegant restraint. What is it about life in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and other points North that inspires that wonderful less-is-more aesthetic? Oh, there are any number of theories, really, but the bottom line is that minimalism gets a lot of love these days and the lineage of designers that has come to include Oslo’s Mona Jensen are to thank for that.


Mona Jensen in her Oslo home, photographed by Ole Martin Halvorsen


Tom Wood accessories

Beginning with her simple but bold unisex signet rings, the founder and creative director of the SPACE jewelry line Tom Wood offers accessories for a beautifully low-key everyday style that could easily be called modern minimalism. It’s a look that Mona herself wears well, and in fact, lives and breathes—so we asked her to share some of her home and her life with us.

The Thread: What do you love about where you live?

Mona Jensen: It’s a fantastic neighborhood and we have many of our best friends living in short walking distance. Our kids can walk to school and have many sports activities nearby. Beautiful nature is also very close. We can walk down to a lake to do ice skating in the winter, or we can go up in a small forest and pick blueberries during fall. The area is very close to the city of Oslo (capital of Norway); it’s only ten minutes by car or train, so it’s easy to be more urban if we like.


Mona Jensen’s home; image by Ole Martin Halvorsen


Where do you dream of going?

Far away, to Asian places where I have not been before. 


Image by Ole Martin Halvorsen


How would you spend your ideal Saturday?

Together with my two lovely daughters and my husband. We would start out with late breakfast at home, then do something fun together before we have dinner with friends.


Do you cook? What’s your signature dish?

Yes, I love to cook. I am not sure if I have a signature dish, but I belive my Friday pizza is pretty nice, or some sort of Thai curry.


Image by Ole Martin Halvorsen

What’s your favorite thing to do in the winter?

Stay warm inside with a glass of red wine. Or to travel to Thailand with my family to chill out together. I wish I was more of a ski enthusiast, but I am not.



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—Laura Cassidy