November Book Club: Guido, M·A·C and Coco Rocha

The gifting season is in full swing, and this month’s Book Club is all about fresh-off-the-press tomes that are well-suited to sartorially inclined bookworms.

Hair: Guido by Guido Palau, Andrew Bolton, Tim Blanks, David Sims

Dubbed the “world’s most in-demand hair stylist” by British Vogue, Guido Palau is an artist and hair is his medium. For his second book, Guido skirts the retrospective route in lieu of a fresh approach: his perspective of hair in the new millennium. Teaming up with long-time cohort and fashion photography luminary David Sims, Guido presents seventy unique looks created just for this compendium. As a pioneer of the unstructured shag popularized during the ’90s grunge era, Guido shows off how his influence has shaped the modern era of hair as well as how he is striving for a wild and radical future.

Miles of M·A·C by James Gager and Miles Aldridge

Makeup junkies rejoice! The kings of color released an anthology of over 200 photos, featuring 100 looks that exemplify M·A·C Cosmetics’ 30-year reign as the vanguard of high-concept, high-fashion beauty. Penned by James Gager, M·A·C’s senior vice president and group creative director, the book gets its name from photographer Miles Aldrige, whose LTR with M·A·C shaped the visionary aesthetic fans have come to expect from the brand.

Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha and Steven Sebring

A beautiful (and thick!) collection of black-and-white photos from “the Queen of Pose”, Coca Rocha, doing what she does best: masterfully contorting her body with elegance and grace. Shot in just three days with photographer Steven Sebring, this portfolio of body phraseology can be used as a handy reference for working photographers and models. Or to simply marvel at the beloved model’s uncanny ability to pull off a zillion different looks tout de suite.