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Olivia Kim Runs the World—with Nordstrom x Nike

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Olivia Kim will run your town. Her fitness-first dedication is admirable no matter what, but when you understand just how very, very much she travels, it’s downright humbling. Put it this way: when people ask her where she lives, she just sort of laughs. Yet no matter where she goes, she laces up her Nikes and moves. 



Images by Jessa Carter

Running, hiking, yoga, surfing—it’s all a way of life for our VP of Creative Projects, so the recent launch of Nordstrom x Nike boutiques in Toronto and Seattle (Chicago, we’re coming soon) are very close to her heart. She curated them; she believes in them; she shops them. For example, when it came time for her and her crew to take a break from Paris Fashion Week for We Run Paris, a Nike 10K, they did it in Nordstrom x Nike

While we’re all about that sneakers-with-skirts and sweats-with-ankle-boots life, there’s certainly something to be said for the straightforward and traditional use of trainers and leggings too. We also think it’s pretty much impossible not to be inspired by Olivia’s “Why I Run” feature on and our images of the gang crossing the Seine in those chic swooshes.


Back on October 5, Olivia—along with Nordstrom teammates Jose Nevarez, Melia McGee, Raul Becerra and Sarah Anderson—met up at a swanky Parisian gym and traveled with Nike trainers and other Fashion Week types to the Louvre Museum, where the run was set to begin. First order of business—well, after coffee but certainly before stretching—was dialing in one’s personal soundtrack.


For Raul (above right), it starts with Lady Gaga. For Melia (middle), it’s old school hip-hop. Jose (left) has a playlist that goes from Donna Summer to TLC.



And then the warm-ups. Led by Nike trainers imported from the States, the exercise was important in terms of gearing up muscle groups—but also because it was probably the coldest PFW morning of the week. Nothing a little hustle couldn’t shake, though.


And then, just like that, they were off. We’re super proud of our crew—one of whom had never completed a run of that distance, let alone one that took her through the historic streets of Paris.



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—Laura Cassidy