Olivia Kim’s Pre-Fall Love Letter to the Explorers Club

Dear Explorer,

All adventures require a special blend of planning and luck. We’re lured by the idea of leaving some of it to chance, but there’s an objective at play, too … even if it’s simply to explore the unknown.

This season—with its road trips, beach days and sunshine expeditions—we feel especially adventurous. We plot and scheme to make the most of these few months, throwing a little caution to the summer wind with half-packed picnic baskets and some extra room in the luggage.

“We’ll buy fresh fruit at the farm stands.”

“We’ll want to do a little shopping when we get there.”


A Simone Rocha look from our pre-fall designer collections lookbook, curated by Olivia Kim

Then there are those who dance even closer to the edge, dashing off without booking a room or a return flight. Technology, of course, makes every bet a pretty safe one. So it goes; with device in hand, there’s always a safety net within our grasp.

But don’t we sometimes yearn for those inconvenient foldout maps and the rush of picking up a set of freshly developed photographs?



Final rgb; 2016-06_JUN Pre-Fall_Designer_Lookbook_039291

Dress by Valentino from our pre-fall lookbook 

Don’t we sometimes daydream about shelving the screens and unplugging the televisions for the weekend? Don’t we sometimes daydream about doing nothing at all?

What are you daydreaming about right now? What would you like the luxury of not planning? Where do you want to explore? What time is the sunset? Where do your daily walks take you? Who are the friends you’re visiting, and what will you wear for the occasion?

Olivia Kim
VP, Creative Projects


Final rgb; 2016-06_JUN Pre-Fall_Designer_Lookbook_039291

Saint Laurent pre-fall

This letter and these images appear in our pre-fall designer collections lookbook. To see the rest of our pre-fall 
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