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Olivia Kim’s Favorite Parisian Vintage Shop

Every once in a while you end up in a weird situation where you’re ahead of schedule for an appointment or a meeting, and you can’t decide whether to just show up all awkward and early or try to kill a little time somewhere. But every once in a great while, something magical happens: a third option emerges. Maybe you run into a friend you haven’t seen in ages or you pass a bookstore that’s perfect for getting lost in.


Today, in the middle of our Paris Fashion Week showroom rounds, we realized we were headed for the Roksanda showroom with a fairly decent amount of time to spare. Should we just pop in early? Should we call ahead and see if popping in early would be OK? How did we manage to get that far ahead of schedule anyway, when 97% of Fashion Week is spent racing the clock and being almost-late everywhere we go?

Just as we were pondering all that, Olivia Kim looked out the window and noticed where we were.

“Hey! My favorite vintage store is on this street.” Problem solved.

Back in 2008 or so, Olivia and her friends at Opening Ceremony discovered Thanx God I’m a VIP, and she’s been shopping there ever since. Back in the day it was a standard rectangle of a room, but now it’s a large, pleasingly odd U-shaped space with women’s on one side, men’s on the other and a little bar with a small French film–screening station at the bottom of the U. The owners also operate an Internet radio station, they’re players in the Parisian nightlife scene and they make what you might describe as contemporary long-playing music videos (easily mistakable for vintage long-playing music videos), which are looped on a large screen behind the main counter.

The crazy part was that just as we were piling out of the van, Roksanda Ilincic came strolling down the cobblestones. She was about to get some lunch, but was planning to stop by the vintage shop too. Her showroom is next door, and she wanted to meet her neighbors.

Très, très cool; très, très serendipitous.

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—Laura Cassidy