Missoni: Italian Heritage

For some, fashion is merely a passion; for others like Ottavio Missoni Jr., it’s literally in their DNA.

Ottavio Jr., part of the third generation of the House of Missoni—and grandson/namesake of Ottavio Missoni, the man who started it all—ventured to the Pacific Northwest for the first time, where he mingled with customers at our Bellevue Square store and discussed the driving forces behind the brand’s success: family and heritage pride.


Made In Italy: Missoni Macro Zigzag Halter Dress
Missoni Zigzag Knit Cardigan
& Missoni Zigzag Knit Dress

On Missoni’s ‘Made in Italy’ approach: “We are a family business, and this year is our 60th anniversary. We always produce everything in Italy and we’re very proud to be Italian, producing clothes at the highest quality possible. In a certain way, we are the ambassadors of Italy around the world.”

On the women who wear the distinctive knitwear prints his grandparents Rosita and Ottavio first created in 1953: “Missoni is unique because of the color and how the prints vary from the position of the eye. The woman that wears Missoni is very sure of herself and self-confident. She wants to be different.”

Reinventing the Zigzag: Missoni Intarsia Knit Plissé Dress

On finding modernity from the past: “As the times change, so then as a brand, we must also change. We’ll never lose our traditions, but as the third generation, we follow what’s new, and it’s natural for us to think and live in a very modern way. We need to innovate, but without losing what defines Missoni.

When I entered the company, I was involved with the production with my uncle, Luca, for about four years, and more recently, I started to work on the commercial side for the U.S. market. So you’ll be seeing me more active in the U.S.”

Tradition meets innovation at Missoni: More than just a zigzag.

Qianna Smith
Photos by Vivian Hsu for Team Photogenic