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Fashion Week Street Style Style

Our Favorite Style Stars from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018

Photos by Crystal Nicodemus

Our street-style photographer Crystal Nicodemus on the ladies whose looks commanded her lens. 

I had expected Milan Fashion Week to continue the exuberance of New York, perhaps even more committed to the wild patterns and colors we’ve seen thus far, but the fashion capital is full of surprises.

Overall, the week felt rather subdued. There was an abundance of delicate florals and subtle animal print. Colors were rich, but not overly bright. The true highlight of the week was texture—velvet, soft wools, cashmere, silks and satins, and shearling—all sumptuous and touchable. Tailoring also made a strong appearance, with many a blazer and femme power suit parading down the streets.

Ahead, the styles that make it all worthwhile and the women who make it look effortless.

Natalia Georgala

Natalia Georgala Milan Fashion Week street style

Streetwear is having a huge fashion moment and hoodies are particularly trendy. The casual, baggy top is a jarring juxtaposition to such a flirty silk skirt, but it works. Natalia’s boldly printed skirt is modern, chic and fun, and those ruffled, metallic mules up the ante even further.

Valentina Siragusa

Valentina Siragusa Milan Fashion Week street style

I am always excited about a sweater dress—they are the epitome of cozy fall dressing. Valentina’s chunky, shredded knit is so wearable and texturally interesting. The branded slide belt livens up her femme ensemble, but it’s her satin, aubergine boots that complete the look.

Diletta Bonaiuti

Diletta Bonaiuti Milan Fashion Week street style

Diletta is a consummate street-style star, especially here in Milan. Micro pleats are very current, and this graphic print makes her top even more compelling. Plus, I love the low-heeled version of the popular thigh-high boot.

Lisa Aiken

Lisa Aiken Milan Fashion Week street style

Lisa is one of the sweetest women in the fashion scene. It’s really refreshing to connect with someone during the Fashion Week chaos, even if just for a moment. I love this ruffled peekaboo number, and the complementary mini bag. The dress-over-pants trend can be tricky, but when it works, it’s total street-style gold.

Gilda Ambrosio

Gilda Ambrosio Milan Fashion Week street style

Gilda, Gilda, Gilda. I will be totally honest and say that I am borderline obsessed with this woman. I love her style and her approach to fashion. She exudes a combination of insouciance and reverence that is irresistible. She’s a style chameleon, and this look is one of her more femme iterations. The twisted neckline and delicate stud detailing is modern and intriguing. Pinks of all shades have been majorly popular here and this subdued mauve is great for this transitional season.

Linda Tol

Lisa Tol Milan Fashion Week street style

Linda is a stunner and one of Fashion Week’s most exciting style stars.  She has an endless willingness to experiment. The micro-pleat trend is so fresh and Linda’s asymmetrical skirt is a total showstopper. The mixed patterns and colors look gorgeous alongside her cerulean bag and chic blouse.

Micol Sabbadini

Mickey Milan Fashion Week street style

Micky makes mixing patterns look so easy and feminine—perhaps because this photographer also dabbles in textile design. Florals are an absolute must-have this season and this ruffled, asymmetrical dress looks even cooler with the muted animal-print topper. It is an interesting contrast and her accessories feel retro.

Ada Kokosar

Ada Kokosar Milan Fashion Week street style

Ada is one of my favorite street-style muses. She has unique tastes that never fail to catch my eye. Her color palette here is gorgeous without being garish. I love the mix of a chunky knit and smooth silk—the balance is just right. There’s also something quite interesting happening with Perspex® and acrylic jewelry, and Ada’s statement earrings are pretty much perfect.

J.J. Martin

J.J. Martin Milan Fashion Week street style

J.J. is the queen of vintage. She has an amazing eye for design and cut, and she dresses with comfort in mind. I am so into this matched pattern blouse and coat set. It’s bold and retro, but feels perfectly on trend for the season. Knit culottes and embellished Marni sandals are another perfect pairing.

Holly Russell

Holly Russell Milan Fashion Week street style

I am a sucker for boudoir dressing and Holly’s velvet robe is so luxurious and beautiful. The denim-and-tee contrast adds a casual edge and the satin mustard heels add to the wearable opulence trend.

Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie

Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie Milan Fashion Week street style

Fashion besties, Caroline and Shea never fail to turn heads. They’re both blonde bombshells with style to boot. Milan is famed for tailoring, so it follows that overcoats would rule in this city. These patterned, belted stunners are bold statement makers. Knotted belts add definition and heeled boots amp up the sex appeal.

Gala Gonzalez

Gala Gonzalez Milan Fashion Week street style

Fall is my favorite fashion season. It’s all about coziness, without sacrificing silhouette. Gala is working the best elements of autumnal dressing with her winning velvet and cashmere combination. Patent leather booties add some sharp shine, not to mention the beret, which is picking up serious steam as a must-have accessory.

Gilda Ambrosio (again)

Gilda Ambrosio Milan Fashion Week street style

My girl Gilda is back with yet another intriguing look. Pink continues to dominate the street-style scene, and Gilda is working all the varied tones with this busy, beautiful look. I am partial to conceptual footwear, so these wild heels are right up my alley. I appreciate her commitment to pushing boundaries.

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