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Our Photographer’s Favorite Milan Hangouts

We love collecting travel tips from our adventurous friends. Even if we’re not sure when we’ll get to use them, we squirrel them away in the hope that someday we, too, will get to visit these amazing locales.

Since Milan is next on the Fashion Week circuit, we asked our street-style photographer, Kristin Yamada, about her favorite places in the Italian fashion capital. After all, Kristin is basically Italian by choice.

Here’s what she told us not to miss when in Milano.

Bar Luce in Milan

Images by Kristin Yamada

Bar Luce

“Ever wish you could just walk into the whimsical world of your favorite Wes Anderson movie and hang out for a while (or maybe every day of the rest of your life)? Well, the incredible truth is that you kind of can.

Bar Luce in Milan

“Bar Luce at Fondazione Prada is a charming café designed by Wes himself. It’s exactly the retro color and confectionary dream you’d expect. Stop by for a fresh cornetto (crescent-shaped breakfast pastry), or create a personal mix of cute candies to tote back home.

“For me, a trip to Milan could never be complete without a little bit of Bar Luce magic.”

Bar Luce in Milan

Address: Largo Isarco, 2, 20139, Milan, Italy. 

Terrace at 10 Corso Como

Terrace at Corso Como in Milan

“The terrace at 10 Corso Como is an unexpected Zen escape. Despite the constant hustle and bustle below in the gallery, café, bookstore and boutique, the rooftop terrace feels like somewhat of a little-known secret hidden in plain sight.

“An unmarked staircase leads you up to the quiet, open-air sculpture garden where tables and chairs welcome one to unwind for a moment. It’s the perfect place to just stop, breathe and enjoy the environment.”

Address: Corso Como, 10, 20154, Milan, Italy. (Just keep climbing until you reach the roof.)

Flower Kiosks Flower kiosks in Milan

“Fresh flower kiosks are also favorite places of mine to frequent in Milan. They can be found all around the city.

“I’ll grab a bouquet at the end of the day when heading back to my hotel room, and then divide it between whatever glasses and vessels the place may have stocked. The fact that these are always different makes the art of arrangement especially fun.

“The only thing left to do is pour a glass of prosecco and feel completamente a casa—totally at home.”

Feeling relaxed? Ready to rejoin the Fashion Week rat race?