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Paris Fashion Week: Olivia Kim is a Lunch Person

A few weeks before we all packed our bags for New York Fashion Week, Olivia Kim and I met to go over a few things in her office, and as we discussed how our days with SPACE brands and their showrooms and runway shows would go, she stopped and said emphatically, “We will build a break into our schedule every day so we can stop and eat like normal people. I’m a lunch person.


Olivia Kim in the Koché showroom; it can’t be all work and no play, but it sometimes seems like it is. 

But what’s that saying about the best laid plans? Yeah, Fashion Week basically renders them void. Which is not to say we haven’t stopped a few times over the last month to a quick bite here or there, but it certainly has not happened as often as the average Lunch Person would have liked.


Just this week, however, between our showroom appointment with Vetements and the Acne Studios runway show, we managed to duck into a Chinese/Thai restaurant on the Champs-Élysées called Diep that our pal Julien David had recommended. Should you be in the need of a lunch break in Paris—or should we, for some reason, need proof that we really are humans who pause long enough to eat civilized meals, we documented it with some photos.


I’d love to tell you that we all ordered adventurously, but none of us went near the Shanghai Dem Sem, to say nothing of the Cantonese duck or Imperial beef. After making that big to-do about the importance of lunch hours, I’d love to report that we really used ours, but every single one of us ordered safe, tame, vegetable-filled plates meant to sustain but not bog us down.



Our spicy-sour soup was both of those things and then some though, and the vegetable and spring roll dishes that accompanied it were exactly what we needed to keep going.


What I noticed most about the vibe of Diep is that the three-story spot seemed to contain people from every culture and country on the earth, and most of them seemed dressed and ready for the opportunity to order a proper meal and be served quickly, efficiently and respectfully.




Word to the wise: it would seem that fortune cookies are an American thing. (Does everyone know that except me?) We got exactly none of them when our meal was finished, but we didn’t take it as any sort of reversal of prosperity. Instead, we went back out into the world and completed our day like a team of champs.

It pays to fuel up, it really does.

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—Laura Cassidy