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Paris Fashion Week: What Olivia Kim Is Wearing

Of course we think SPACE curator Olivia Kim is pretty talented in the style department, but it’s always cool when others tip their hats to that, too. Earlier this week handpicked three of the industry’s most iconic figures and asked them about their fashion week strategy. We were psyched that Olivia was in the mix.


Always looking up: OK in a contemplative moment in London during London Fashion Week

As we’ve moved from New York to London to Paris tracking SPACE brands with her and her team, she’s certainly kept us on her toes with her big fluffy shearlings and faux furs—to say nothing of her beloved Simone skirts, Vetements hoodies and Saint Laurent boots.

So what did she tell the Vogue squad about the debacle that is a suitcase full of only underwear and sweaters?

Here’s the deal with Paris, according to OK: How Paris Compares to Other Fashion Weeks
Olivia: By the time I get to Paris, I’m pooped! That being said, maybe because it’s the second-to-last stop on my seasonal tour (I still have Tokyo!), it’s like seeing the finish line and keeping your eye on the prize. I try to plan some fun fashion-y stuff for dinners with friends, plus I pack the easy pieces that I know are great for getting in and out of cars and running in and out of shows and showroom appointments.

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—Laura Cassidy