Pedro Garcia on Apartamento magazine and Relaxing More in 2016

We all know that toting along a bouquet of flowers, an extra bottle of bubbles, and maybe a crusty baguette goes a long way with holiday hosts, but you know what goes a long way with fellow guests? A few good questions. Holiday Season Party Tip #9: Ask people about themselves. Be interesting and interested. Get folks to open up—about their lives, their work and the year we’re all about to put behind us.


Pedro Garcia, easing down the road; all images courtesy Pedro Garcia

We chatted up Spain-based designers of Pedro Garcia and Dale Dubovich of Pedro Garcia (via email of course) about the year we’re about to put behind us, and the one that’s cueing up as we speak. Here’s what they had to say about nabbing a coveted fashion award and some very ambitious #lifegoals.

 The Thread: What’s the best thing that happened to Pedro Garcia in 2015?

Garcia and Dubovich: A highlight of this year was receiving the Prix Marie Claire 2015 for best accessories collection; it was a real energy boost. Because it’s a professional award with media impact, that gives you motivation at a personal level.

Our long-term collaboration with the international magazine Apartamento is also very special. Since last November, the magazine has included a compact version of our “Made in Spain” newspaper, edited for their readers. We’re excited about the synergy this creates, and the way it allows readers to step inside our brand’s universe.

For next spring’s “Made in Spain” newspaper, we traveled to a Mediterranean paradise: the Balearic island of Menorca. (Ed note: All images here are behind-the-scenes pictures from that trip.) Peaceful and unspoilt, but with a natural allure that’s perfect for our collection.


Last but not least, we’re very excited by the consolidation of our recently opened store in Madrid, in our home country.

What is your personal resolution for 2016?

To organize our leisure time more wisely. That could be a good resolution.


Pedro Garcia and Dale Dubovich in Menorca

What words would you use to describe the Pedro Garcia look for 2016?

Unique, modern, bold, easy and sincere.

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